Sunday, July 25, 2021

Help for my family…

Hello readers…
I’ve been telling you all about how good my brother is doing as he goes through having cancer for the second time in his life, but this time with the added stress of having a wife and three young children he needs to support. 

As of August, he will have used all his sick and vacation time from work and will have absolutely no income. It will take up to a year for disability to kick in and in the meantime they have a mortgage to pay and children to support.  He will also never be able to work the job he had before because he will not be work outdoors due to the bone marrow transplant he will be having. 
Their bills are about $2,000 a month. My 6- year-old niece, Bethany was worried that her daddy can’t work,  so she was writing stories to sell to help pay their bills. Anything you guys could give to help out would make this auntie very grateful!!!!😊 
Help Here!!!