Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The Prettiest Mom!!!

Sooooooooo a few weeks ago, we went out to eat with my brother and his family after church and my sister is talking to my sister in law Grace about something and I'm not really paying attention and she's like, yeah, Mary said I'm at least as pretty as so and so...AAAAND I INTERRUPT...
I'm liiiiiike thats NOT what I said, I ACTUALLY SAID YOU WERE PRETTIER!!!
Weeeeeeeeeeeeellllll my nephew Kyle hears this and not having any idea what the actual convo is, he says, HEEEEEEEY AUNT MARY!!!! YOUR WRONG!!! You said that AUNT THERESA IS PRETTIER THAN MY MOM annnnd that's NOT TRUE!!! MY MOM IS PRETTIER!!! 
I don't even bother correcting what Kyle THINKS I said, I just bust up laughing!!! When all of the sudden theres this roar from across the table...
YOU. ARE. WRONG!!! Odin has now joined the conversation, your mom is NOT PRETTIER THAN MY MOM, MY MOM IS PRETTIER THAN YOUR MOM!!! 
They're now yelling back and forth WHOSE mom is prettier! MY MOM! NOOOOO, MY MOM!!! NO MY MOM IS PRETTIER!!!! NO MY MOM IS THE PRETTIEST!!! And we're just all sitting there laughing soooooooo hard at them!!! 
I was like Maaaaaaaan...I need to have a son just so he can say I'M THE PRETTIEST!!!!

♥Mary Frances :)