Wednesday, October 6, 2021

And THE CORRECT answer is…

Soooooooo we’re you right in your guess to yesterday’s post???? Soooooooo many people guessed “Just roll with it!” Which is definitely my personality…… buuuuuuuuuut the incorrect answer to my favorite! 
The second guess was “the secret ingredient is love and butter!” And while I am known for saying, “if something doesn’t taste 👅 right, just add a stick of butter 🧈 !!!! While that IS TRUTH, it’s still NOT my favorite saying up there….
“If you like to eat, I like you!” That is just sooooooooo THE TRUTH!!!! I’ve decided I NEED a hoody that says that!!!! Annnnnnnd if you like to eat as in TRYING NEW FOODS, I like you even more!!!! In fact,  I like, liiiiiiiiiiiiiike you!!!! Bahahahahaaa Food adventures are soooooo fuuuunnnn!!! How many foodie readers do I have out there?!?! You guys are my favorite 🤩!!!! 
P.S. Liking to eat does NOT mean your a glutton…everything in MODERATION!!! ;) I think Jesus liked to eat because He even had a last meal!!! Ironically it was bread 🥖!!! Yaaaaaaaayyyy carbs!!!!