Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Sweet 38!!!

Weeeeeelllll guys i'm sttill trying to catch up on all the events from July...I have a library membership now soooooo i'll be having more access to the internet...I can blog from my phone, it's just harder to upload a ton of pics and write a lot at one time...anywayz, soooooo long as I dn't get kicked out of here...the guy two computers away from me just tattled to the security guard that my mask was down!!! 🙄 First of all, we're 6 feet away from each other, there are plastic walls in between each computer annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd my mask is literally sooooooo thin I don't see HOW it could make  a difference!!!! 🙄🙄🙄 YESSSSSS I said security guard...theres ACTUALLY A SECURITY GUARD in this joint!!! I'm liiiiiiike this is PARADISE VALLEY NOT LA OR  even GLENDALE!!!! Bahahahahahahahaaaaaaa!!!

Back to July 18th!!! In case you didn't know, I'm 38 now...and MJ is 19...we still have the same birthday...HAHA!!!

We started our morning off with getting birthday freebies from Starbucks, Coffee Bean and like  a MILLION AN ONE DUTCH BROS!!! A lot of them couldn't believe we both had the same birthday and then we'd show our ID...One guy; apparently missed our birth  years and was liiiiiiiiiiiiiike NOOOOOO WAAAAAAY...Soooooo are you liiiiiike TWINS???? Yeah bro....IDENTICAL TWINS!!! bahAHAHAHAAAA!!!
all our FREE DRINKS!!!!

Btw: I was sooooooooooo IN LOOOOOOVE with my outfit!!!! The shawl and purse was from MY FAVORITE STORE.... ANTHROPOLOGY!!!!
I kindly enlarged my picture for you all to better view my outfit...YOUR WELCOME!!! ;)
You can't see the purse well buuuuut it has all these seashells on it...I thought it was very Asian looking and my sister in law said it totally looked like something from the PHILIPINES!!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay sooooo the rest of these pics are completely out of order!!!! Buuuuuut do enjoy!!! (:

Family dinner at NYPD!!!!


My sister took us to FOGO for breakfast cuz MJ loooooooves that place cuz there is sooooooo much food she can eat there...O was sooooooooo UNimpressed because there was NO PIZZA!!!!😆

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd I ended the day with PACKING FOR HERITAGE!!!!
Heritage TOMORROW...

♥Mary Frances :)