Thursday, November 4, 2021

Heritage 2021!!!

Heritage- FINALLY GUYS!!! Sooooo these pics all uploaded SUPERRRR HUGE and I can't seem to get them smaller sooooooooo I guess just ENJOY!!!
Soooooooo I met this girl Sophia, at the airport-she's really cool and nice and beaufiful and once we got to talking we're friends with all the same people- i was liiiiiiike OH I LOOOOOVE CHERIE!!!
You know what's soooooo crazy is that Heritage is soooooo huge, it was easier to socialize and find your friends at the airport than at the actual conference...NO JOKE!!! lol
Aileen-my travel partner!!!
Our gang-guess which suitcase was mine??? ;)
Soooooooooooooo Keri made the mistake when she did the car rental that I was going to be the driver and i was liiiiiiike, NOOOOOO.... I can't do this... I don't know this city....I was FREAKING OUT...and her car of choice was HUGE- I don't like driving big cars my sister's mini van is too big for me annnnnd this thing was like a SEMI-TRUCK-I think it was for off -roading!!!! I almost crashed on the way out of the car rental!!!! I was liiiiiike, I'm sorry Keri, I know they said your legally to young BUUUUUUUT YOU ARE DRIVING THIS THING THIS WEEK...I.Can't. I just CANNNNNNNNNNNT!!!! We will just have to pray that God protects us admidst this illegal activity-it's either that or we risk death to and from church EVERYDAY!!! Soooo she drove!!! LOL
I met up with an old friend from Roswell- I was like, wait, HOW DO WE KNOW EACH OTHER??? she was like, remember me, from Roswell, before I was married... you'd come to visit...I was liiiiike, UMMMM...??? I'm drawing a blank...she hesitated, you'd come out to visit...someone...I was liiiiiiiiiike O wait you mean when I was dating that one guy- She's like well I didn't wanna say it like that, buuuuuuut YEAH I didn't know how else to say we knew each other!!! I was liiiiike OH IT's fiiiiiine, I'm NOT even that same person anymore...I mean I AM buuuuuut... that was literally A LIFE TIME AGO!!! I was liiiiiike OMW NOW I DO KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! Now let me hug you again since this time I know who you are!!!!! Annnnnnd LOOK AT ALL YOUR KIDS!!!! WOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!! I think she has 6 kids-which I think is just AWESOME!!!
Soooooooooooo I found this place on YELP for us to try the next day!!!!

Sooooooo my big thing I wanted to do was to find a really call place to hike in Colorado!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnd we found this BEAUTIFUL SPOT!!!
My eyebrow lady in AZ like gave me the heads up about all the good places to go in Colorado!!! She reccomended Barr trail for hiking!!!!
This was such a blast!!!
My eyebrow lady also reccomeded this place called the Mate Factor- IN Manitou Springs,  OMW their tea here was amaaaaaaaaaazing!!! I'm drinking it in the above picture, it looks NASTY buuuuut it's NOT!!!!
Sooooooooo Keri had told me these guys look like theyre straight up from a BIBLE Dram the way their dressed buuuuuut I wasn't really paying attention because I was focused on trying their tea and Manitou Springs IS A HIPPY town sooooooo expect eccentricity ya know?!?!?!
wEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLL- THEY noticed us and started asking about us! And we explained that we were here for a church conference and they wanted to know what we were affliliated with and we explained we were Pentecostal- Apostolic and all that! They got sooooooo excited!!! They're liiiiike SO ARE WE!!!! I was liiiiike, As in you believe in salvation through the book of Acts??? You follow Acts 2;38??? They're like YES!!! Buuuuuuuut _there's always a but....WE ARE THE TRUE CHURCH OF ACTS!!! We're living just like they were in the book of Acts! I'm like, well sooooooo are we! They're like No like as in Acts 2;44  And all that believed were together, and had all things common; Sooooo we all live in a community together in one accord and no one has their own money but we support each other this tea house! We are all brother's and sister's! hE WENt on to explain to me that, that was how it was IN THE BOOK OF ACTS!!! i was like, well they spread the gospel around too...He's like YES!!! bUUUUUUUUUUT THEY ALL LIVED TOGETHER!!! Sooooo i just let him talk cuz ya know- it was just sooooooo off...buuuuut i was THIRSTY too...soooooo finally i WAS LIKE, wow- soooooo yeah we totally do THE SAME THING...BUUUUUUUUUT FROM DIFFERENT HOMES!!!!
They were REALLY OFF ON THEIR DOCTRINE BUUUUUUT THAT MATE TEA WAS BOMB!!! I mean, think about how much drama there is with us all LIVING IN SEPERATE HOMES...Can't you imagine if we all LIVED TOGETHER??? Anywayz ya all need to try this place cuz their food and drinks were sooooooooo good!!! I know i'm going back, IF ONLY to give them Proverbs 1:14!!! I read that in Proverbs a few weeks ago and I was like OMW I gotta give that to the brothers!!! Hee, hee!!!

Anywayz, the trip was awesome, lots of hanging out with friends and GOOOOOOD PREACHING!!!! i'll see you all at THE TOP OF THE HILL!!!! EVERYONE NEEDS TO HEAR THAT MESSAGE!!!!