Friday, November 5, 2021

Weight Loss Goals!!!

Sooooooo I wanna lose 26 pounds by the end of the year!!! My weight loss coach...YES...I have a weight loss coach...BAHAHAHAHAAA...anywayz she wants me to lose 40...which I'm all for buuuuuuuuuut lets also be real...THE HOLIDAYS!!! I mean, I'm jus sayin!!!! 
Although, it all depends on HOW motivated I am, liiiiiiike I ACTUALLY stuck to low carb on my birthday...buuuuuuuut idk if ill ACTUALLY do that for Thanksgiving annnnnnnnnd CHRISTMAS!!! I mean really HOW can we celebrate the birth of Jesus without carbs??? EVEN HE ATE BREAD!!!!
And my brother wants me to do keto with him and I just wanna do low carb-high protien lifestyle----buuuut i've been eating to much sugar soooooo I gotta cut that out again----I'm just NOT sure about the whole HIGH FAT thing, I'm liiiiiike what about HIGH protien with fat and veggies---I'm not like drinking oil or anything crazy...bahahahaaa...buuuuuuuut I said I'll TRY IT for two weeks and if I'm NOT down a TON of weight I'm eating an apple!!!! Buuuuuut just so  you know I'm NOT EATING PORK RINDS!!!! That's soooooooo DISGUSTING!!!! He's like they actually don't taste bad!!! I'm like I don't care HOW they taste...I can't eat pigs skin....I just can't!!! Annnnnd my brother is trying to convince me that the fat on like steak and stuff is SOOOOOOOOOO good!!! I'm like NO ITS SICK!!! I don't like the way it feels in my mouth and I'm NOT eating it!!! My fat of choice is BUTTER...thank you very much!!! 
 Also, I had read these reviews about some keto premade foods, like these keto cups that are suposed to be chocolate candy...OMW those things are literally disgusting...DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! and then this like this soup broth that the lady said was sooooooooo amazzzzzing...duuuuuuude it was also sooooo GROSS!!! Buuuuuuut not as nasty as the keto cups...I was literally gagging for those!!!! My brother was like, don't buy premade keto food, your a good cook, just cook  your own stuff!!! I was like TRUE!!! I mean, unless it's a twinkie, premade food is usually pretty gross anyways weather it's keto or not- frozen and packaged meals are all the same!!!!

....soooooo Soooooooo basically I'm just doing the diet that works for me, buuuuuut without any apples or fruit!!🙄 I started today...I'll let you guys know how it's going next Friday!!!! If you've had success on keto or have any tips or GOOD RECIPES or good websites, hit me up or text me if you have my number!!! 
Keto taco-isn't it cuuuuuute????

I mean I'm gonna have to say, it was a pretty bomb lunch----maaaaaaannn i'm good!!!

♥Mary Frances :)