Wednesday, January 26, 2022

#1 USA YELP WINNER!!!! (Resturaunt Review)

My Pastor's wife told us about this place after Friday night prayer, she had just randomly found it going on a food adventure with a friend...YES, my pastor's wife does FOOD ADVENTURES TOO...thats another thing that makes her soooooo AWESOME!!! ;) a few months earlier, AND NOW IT HAS BEEN VOTED THE #1 RESTURAUNT ON YELP IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! YUP, the whole entire USA and it's right here in PHOENIX!!!
The HILARIOUS part about this, is that it is a VERY uh...GHETTOLICIOUS part of Phoenix too!!! Buuuuuuut hey...all the good places to eat usually are...well...EXCEPT Cheesecake Factory!!!;) It was really funny to see these RITZY Scottsdale folks walking the blocks over...cuz YES it's that crowded, OVER to the resturaunt...liiiiiiike literally you know it was their good deed to just drive in the neighborhood!!! BAHAHHAHAHAHAAAA!!!
AnywayZ, on with THE REVIEW!!!
With a full stomach and jolly heart, I greet the people waiting in line for their party to be called and as I see them looking at their menus wondering what hey should get, I feel compelled to help them out!!!
THE STEAK TACOS ARE THE BEST!!! Thank you they say, That's what I'm getting" says one man... and you literally see the relief come over him with his decision finally been made and you hear other chimes of yeah me too, thanks!
As I get in the car my sister says, "did they just ask you what they should get?" "No," I say. "I didn't think so," she says in a very unimpressed-with-my-helping-random-strangers-what-to-order-voice. Buuuuuuut me, I just straighten my cape, knowing I did my part in helping make someone's food adventure the best experience possible!!!! ;)
You guys, I'm telling you all, 
The Beef Tenderloin Steak tacos 
are for sure the star of the menu!!!

 I mean, pomegranate marinade, chipotle aioli, crispy fried jalapeños and onions, all in ONE TACOhow do you compete with that???? Weeeeeeelllll you don't!!! So El Pastor and Roasted veggie tacos just settle for being the delicious besties.

I love the fact that they allow you to mix and match the tacos so you can try three on one trip! I'm not a big seafood person buuuuuuut the tropical fish ones sound so good I'm considering trying one next time!!!!
They also have an option for us keto folks to get the tacos in a lettuce cup. Although I did NOT stick to keto this time around... cuz I mean... how can I write a really accurate review without trying those carbs... it's a sacrifice... buuuuuuut I do it for YOU ALL!!!!;) And next time, lettuce cups!!!!
For appetizers we got the house made chips and salsa and the street corn off the Cobb!!! Both were very good with lots of flavor. The salsa was neither mild or hot, just a little kick.
Shout out to our waitress Alexa, only her second day but you would've thought she'd work their forever. She was helpful, friendly and attentive! Your doing an excellent job, keep up the good work!!! (:

Two things you guys could improve on:

1. The rice and beans were just kinda eh! Kinda like the nice, buuuuuuut homely stepsister's of the delicious family!!! I really think you guys can do better with these two... I believe you can give these two a makeover and make them into the beauties they should be.

2. Give us the chips and salsa for free!!! I mean, come on you guys are #1!!! Everyone knows that the chips and salsa are supposed just come to us... that's part of being a Mexican restaurant!!!!! I knoooooow it's only $1.95.... Buuuuuuut still... free is better... jus sayin!!! And also MY SISTER said to make sure to say bigger cups of salsa!!! Although they do give you more salsa without an extra added charge, they're VERY SMALL...almost can't even fit a a bigger chip in them! 

My sister got  the La Diabla chicken pasta and did not like it! Buuuuuuut she's really picky about spices and I think there was something Smokey in the sauce and she doesn't NOT like smoked anything! I tried it and thought it was very good though!!! I love that the noodles were flavored peppers!!!

Well everyone, make sure you purposely save room for the churros!!! You will be blown away!!!
Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and filled with cream and laid in caramel and a little pool of cream to dip them in case all that just isn't enough!
Well. It's been a few hours... 
I think I'm gonna go take a bite of the leftover besties!!! 
Asta Lavista amigos!! 
(That was on Saturday, leftovers are LOOOOOONG gone by today...and it's like stepping out of a carb-a-licious ball and back to the LOW CARB reality...oh wait...I think I left my glass slipper there...except, I don't wear's more like Nikes or Uggs...and aint NO prince gonna bring me a taco an shoes cuz they've probably been pawned!!! AHAHAHAHAAA!!!)

♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. They do take reservations...buuuuuut on our hour lunch wait, we just went on another food adventure and got boba...Illl post that review NEXT week!!!