Friday, May 27, 2022

God-inspired pick-up line!!!

So my brother, Abie Baby was preaching at church a while ago and in his message he was talking about Job, as he was preaching and he was talking about how his one friend just stared at him 7 days before he even said anything to him, annnnnnnnnd as he was telling this story, I was suddenly struck by an inspiration FROM GOD, yes, I said, from God!!! ;)
After church, I went running over to my brother, I was like, GOD inspired me with THE MOST AMAZING PICK UP LINE EVERRRRR during your preaching tonight, it goes like this...
You may NOT be Job, 
 I could stare at you
 for AT LEAST 7 days!!!
My brother was like, REALLY??? That's what you got from my preaching???? (But he was must be amazing to have a big sis like me!!! Jus sayin;) I was like HEY, at least you didn't read the scripture about Moses rod sprouting almonds, remember that HERE??? LOL Hey you all have to admit tho, that's a pretty AWESOME PICK UP LINE!!! If anyone uses it, PULEEEEEEZE let me know!!! I guarantee you all this pick up line is a winner! If THE RIGHT guy said that pick-up line to me, liiiiiiiike HEEEEEY SISTER, I just may be liiiiiike,  HEEEEEEY BROTHER!!! AHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. Isn't it crazy funny how when one person says something it would seem like THE MOST AMAZING AND ROMANTIC COMMENT EVERRRR annnnnnd yet someone else could literally say THE SAME EXACT THING to you and your just like, OK THAT WAS JUST CREEEEEEPY!!!! cRaZy right???