Wednesday, June 15, 2022

AMA Trip 2022(Part 2)

June 8th-Last Day…waaaaaaah!!!
Me and the big sis…
 both of us pretty desperate for a triple shot ASAP!!!
Ginty adults chilling at the pond!!!
Btw: this was my brother Abe and his family’s first year at camp and they loved it!!! They said they’re definitely getting walkie talkies for next year soooooo they don’t keep losing they’re kids…I maaaay… ahem…need some too… 😝 πŸ˜‡ 

What happens at the pond, stays at the pond… unless you get splashed… THEN it goes home with you… EWWWWW!!!

Soooooooooo the whole week Odin and Kyle were having a contest for who could make more friends at campπŸ€£πŸ™„πŸ˜‚ the final analysis was that Kyle made 8 new friends and Odin made 15… annnnnnnnnnd one of his 15 friends was a girl, not a girlfriend, buuuuuuuuut a friend that happened to be a girl and she was also his favorite friend too!!! Awwwwww πŸ₯°

Me and Anali…. Sooooooo Alan wouldn’t let me hold him… buuuuuuuut he would say my name when I walked by!!!!
Btw: this is sooooooo my favorite hairdo everrrrr!!! I wish I could do a Dutch braid!!! I would do it every day of my life instead of just my normal plain side braid!!!! Buuuuuuut I can’t soooooo I get it once a year when I see Liz at camp!!!

Me and RayD!!!

Me and Alina!!!!


Sooooooooo this is mine and Jenny’s tree cuz this is where we originally met when AMA was still small...we think in either 2014 or 2015 and we just sat there and talked about guys...she mentioned the guy I liked that he was cuuuuuuute and at the time I told her oh yeah he's like my brother...buuuut NOW i've i told her that really at the time, when she even mentioned him, INSIDE MY CAT CLAWS went out...ahahahahahahahahaaa... buuuuuuut the main guy we talked about was RYANπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ AKA: The Nerd...and we talkedabout any girl Ryan looked at Besides Jenny… buuuuuuut in the end...she won πŸ† 
ME ON THE OTHER HAND... won a few battles buuuuuut claws or NOT!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! Buuuuuuuuut at the same time...if it's NOT God's will...then in losing you kinda liiiiiiiiiiike, ACTUALLY WON too!!!

Me and Keri!!!
You guys isn’t my shirt soooooo cuuuuuuute!?!?? #Boba LOVERRRR
Hanging out after an absolutely amaaaaaZing with a capital Z church ⛪️ service!!!
 1and a half songs and the Holy Ghost just poured out upon us all!!!! Bro. Joe Velez led song service that night...See girls I KNOW the GOOD GUYS...soooooo far I've ONLY BEEN WRONG ONCE...and it was for MYSELF... Soooooooo IF I TELL you a guy is a good guy...PRAY ABOUT IT!!!! Jus sayin!!! 
And since I'm jus older teen girls should consider guys from my church...Judah and Christopher are really good guys and they'll be graduating next year with two years of college BAM...done and Judah is also really funny and Christopher got the Christian Character award and both of them are nice to others...I may not think i am buuuut I girls should watch how a guy treats others and NOT JUST YOU!!!! Annnnnnnnnnd for young but kinda older guys that don't go to my church you should be looking at Bro. Franks grandson from Portales...I forgot his name buuuuuut you guys know who he is...sooooo nice and just an all around good guy... and everyone has good things to say about him...Oh Brendan i think...i've never heard anyone say anything bad about him....well aside from jumping in the guys dorm...bahahaahaaa...buuuut all good stuff besides that...jus sayin LADIES!!!!
Pedro and LaCrecia October 2022!!!
Awwwwwww I’ve literally known Pedro since he was a little boy!!! Look they’re matching outfits, even they’re Bible matches!!!
I made a new friend too!!! Naomi!!! Naomi and her husband are from Texas, the part that has an ocean... and they're so much fuuuuuuun!!! I’m still laughing πŸ˜‚ about saying you’re more introverted these days... cuz girrrrrrrrrl I don’t see it!!!!
Naomi...I keep wanting to call you RUTH!!! LOL I think if you have a daughter you should name her Ruth Naomi!!! 
Me and the girls!!! Oh I got to know Donaya better at camp this year- she's from Glendale is also a really good SINGLE girl and a lot of fun...she’s only been in church since 2018 buuuuuuuut you would think she was born and raised in church ⛪️ ain’t that just like the Lord???
Jenny and me in my battle outfit… only my sister and Jenny knows what that means!!! Buuuuut it may or may not involve cat claws!!! Lol πŸ˜‚ Buuuuuuut it’s my favorite article of clothing I have…well church article… my favorite is my Italian Girl hoody!!!! ;)
 Anywayz, this shawl/shrug is from MY FAVORITE everrrrr JOHNNY WAS!!! It literally just speaks MARY when you walk in!!! Its like really brightly colored, boho, exotic Asian flaired clothing geared actually for rich older woman buuuuuut I claimed it too!!! ANNNNND its soooooooo expensive!!! The only thing I own from it is this one thing and it was 75% off and I still had to lay out a pretty little penny for it....buuuuuuut I LOVED it and I'll NEVERRRR consign or sell it like I end up doing with most of my clothes after 6 months!!! 
Okaaaaaaaaaaay…. Sooooo this is soooooo wrong buuuuuuut I was hanging out with Joe and Anali the last day and then Anali had to go inside cuz Alina biffed into the water fountain and had a bloody nose… well Alan starts crying hysterically for mommy and he puts his little hands over his face liiiiiike he is sooooooo heart broken πŸ’” well this cracks me and Joe up and I’m liiiiiike oh I gotta get this on camera!!!! sooooooo we can pull this out when he’s 16 and all cool…. Buuuuuuut I didn’t get it in time soooooo I’m like Joe make him cry again so i can get this!!! So  he starts saying stuff about mommy being gone til poor little Alan did it again…. I knoooooow soooooooo wrong buuuuuuuut we’ll need this picture one day!!!! Bahahahahaaa 
June 9th
Good bye time…waaaaaaaah 😒 😭 
Me and Liz Segovia- I think we could be twins!!!!
And YES Joseph....I'm glad my friend married you...because IF SHE HADN'T...she wouldn't be at camp annnnnnnnnnnnnd IF SHE WASn"T at camp....I wouldn't get my favorite hairdo once a year!!! Hee, hee!!! And plus we also wouldn't have the adorable little Bethany WHO looks JUST LIKE HER BEAUTIFUL MOMMY!!! Haha!!! Hit me up when you two come to AZ and I'll cook some good food for you guys oooooh and we can play one of my games i've been wanting to play since Christmas and I can't think of anything more FUUUUUN then beating Segovia in a board game...BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!

Martin and Lucero!!!! I’m so, so, so, soooooo glad they got to come!!!! They just barely got their application in on time buuuuuuuuuut they did… basically!!! lol I was like talking to Sister Devi Foster and I’m pulling for them in case it didn’t get there in time…I’m liiiiiiiike weeeeeeelllll you know they’re on Mexican time!!!! She’s like well there’s A LOT of Mexicans at that DID get their applications in on time…. I’m liiiiiike awwwwwwwww maaaaaan you guys… that’s not going to work here!!!!
Saying GoodBye to Naomi and Ashton Stephens...
                                                        Maybe i'll come see you guys eventually in Texas by the ocean...and don't forget ARISE in September, in ABQ guys should really, really, really COME!!!! 
Saying Goodbye to Jenny!!!
This is also the part where apparently my family couldn't find me...I was up the hill...with Jenny and Ryan...helping them find little besties bottle

Hey you know what her husband, THE NERD said about me??? He said that I'm really a closet Karen!!!and that I should rename my blog Classic Closet Karen Moments and IF I did he MIGHT actually consider reading my blog....WHATEVERRRR RYAN!!! LOLOL JUST Because I'm EXTREMELY oppinonated buuuut I  keep it to a few people... sooooo sue me cuz I know how to keep my mouth shut about my oppinion...I mean YES I have a back can NOT have been raised by Sister Fran Ginty and NOT be oppinionated about stuff...buuuuuuut unlike my mother...i've learned it's not always, in the words of our night preacher, expedient to go around telling everyone what you think, EVEN IF you are right...sooooo i'm not being fake....I'm BEING WISE....the Bible says that a fool uttereth all... 

Saying Goodbye to Joe and Anali!!!!
Cya guys next week in AZ!!!!
Bring your stretchy pants/skirt cuz i'm gonna cook up a STORM for you guys!!!
Kyle pouting cuz he didn't want to leave camp...s
aid his parent's hardly let him even play...
which is sooooooooooooooo NOT TRUE!!! BAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!
Question on the way home: What kind of Asian are you Grace???
Sooooooo last morning at breakfast, Martin was telling our table about how him and his wife made friends with the guys at Dunkin Donuts cuz they go there so much and he mentioned that they guy is Indian, I can't remember WHY he mentioned he was Indian...
 sooooooooooo i interrupt and am liiiiiiike, OOOOOOOH does he make fry bread??? He's like no, not that kind of Indian, the ones from India...sooooooooooo i'm liiiiiiike OH CURRY!!! I liiiiiike curry too!!!! Well Ryan is sitting there just shaking his head......buuuuuut whateverrrr...I relate ethnicity with food- liiiiiiiike Italians are the GARLIC EUROPEANS (Also the best cooks everrrr and the best looking too and just all around amaaaaaZing;)
So Ryan says, soooo what kind of Asian are we??? The Sushi Asians??? (He's Japanese-weeeeeeellll PART...I MEAN... Technically speaking, I'm MORE ITALIAN than he is Japanese...i mean i'm jus sayin...don't be jelly Nerd!)Soooooo I think about it and I'm liiiiiike yeah Sushi Asians or just straight up THE RAW ASIANS!!! It sounds cooler...
Sooooooooooo on the way home, I explained the WHOLE conversation to my sister-in-law Grace, who is Filipino, and I was liiiiiike, soooooooo what kind of Asian are you guys??? She thought about it for a few seconds then she just busts up laughing and she says, We're THE DOG ASIANS!!! I was liiiiiiiike the dog Asians??? Like your calling yourselves dogs??? You guys know how I am about all things to do with your ethnicity and I was like about to lecture on being proud of your heritage, etc...and she says, NO! I mean, we're THE ASIANS THAT EAT DOGS!!!
Then we both cracked up laughing and NOW MJ was extremely offended at us!!!! Cuz when MJ had a chiwawa (SP?) and we went out of town, my sister in law did dog-sitting for her and I told MJ she better be careful cuz in Aunt Grace's country they eat dogs!!! And then I told Grace and she  sent a picture for MJ of the little dog in a crock pot...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
annnnnnnnnnnd then my sister in law threw up 6 times on the way home!!! We thought it was just car sickness buuuuuuuuuuuut then yesterday Odin got sick and GUESS WHAT??? HE THREW UP 8 TIMES!!!! I went over to their house yesterday to get my lap top Grace was fixing for me and I was like, You know how you threw up 6 times??? Weeeeeeeeeeeellllll ODIN threw up 8 times!!! Everything is a contest for O so Graces busts up laughing and says OH HE BEAT ME!!! BAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! 
Anywayz...AMA WAS AWESOME AS USUAL...I vote it's changed to four days again and also...NO ASIAN FOOD...unless they get an Asian cook...bahahahahaaa!!! annnnnnnnnnnnnd
No Heritage this year for me!!!
How about a different place to eat at then Jason's Deli????? That's soooooo boring brotherrrrr!!! Have you considered Mr. Pho??? Or Frontier??? (Frontier could host A LOT of people) Or Dion's again??? Cuz ya know, some of us have to watch our weight, every bite counts and it's not worth wasting calories on boring food...jus sayin! :) 
♥Mary Frances :)
p.S. Instead of Italians being The Garlic Europeans, MAYBE we should just be referred to as THE DELICIOUS EIROPEANS!!! Jus sayin...;)