Tuesday, June 14, 2022

AMA Trip 2022 (Part 1)

June 6th 

Kyle and Odin in rare moment of joining forces with each other and NOT against each other...their like best friends and brothers pretty much which ensues major competition!!!
Auntie Mar Bear!!!
Pistachio Land


We're there...
Hanging out in line for dinner...sooooooooo much longerrrrr this year!!! LOL
Travel Hair...DON'T CARE!!! ;) Hee, hee!!!!
Daniella and Keri
Annnnnnnnnnnd WITH HELP...I finally located my prego mamacita friend...JENNY!!!
Annnnnnnnnnd I guess I don't even remember the rest of the night...except I went to sleep thinking about making sure I woke up in time for morning prayer and how I couldn't wait to wake up to be able to drink more coffee...ahahahahahahaaa...I can't drink caffeine after 11 am otherwise I will neverrrrr fall asleep...buuuuuut I loooooooove the taste soooooooo much sometimes I can't wait til the next day just for that morning sip!!!
JUNE 7th
Hanging out at the pond with Daniella and LaCrecia!!! 
These are two really good girls that have made up their mind to live for God despite their circumstances...LaCrecia on the right IS TAKEN...sorry boys buuuuuut Pedro won and they'll be getting married October 8th, 
buuuuuuuuut Daniella, on my left, with the glasses is SINGLE and she is soooooooo sweet, kind, low-key, undramatic and displays Godly Character...she got in church while she was still in high school when she was like 16 or 17 and since that time has gotten several of her family in church...Soooooo IF YOUR LOOKING FOR A GOOD GIRL...I reccommend Daniella...jus sayin!!!! 
Then I spent the rest of the afternoon babysitting little Manny from our church so his parent's could go Horseback riding-which they asked me buuuuut I was actually going to volunteer cuz i've already gone horseback riding several times and I really wanted them to be able to do that

I was working really hard on helping Manny and Rayden become besties!!! When I'm NOT matchmaking, I'm always trying to help people make new friends...I'm liiiiiiike guys...have you met so and so??? They are really nice and you can probably be besties...bahahahaha...

My bestie Rayden...he was FINALLY acting like he knows me again!!!!
I'm liiiiiiiiiike JENNY LOOK...we can pretend we're both mom's this afternoon watching our kids together...I mean being mom is literally all I've everrrr wanted to be...I'm weeeeeellllll except your not pretending to be a mom for the afternoon...OMW WHERE'D MANNY GO???? That kid is a HANDFUL!!!! AHAHAHAHAAA!!! 
Soooooo you guys see my pretty, floral shirt??? I got it from Etsy annnnd I LOOOOOOVE IT!!! I looooove flowers so much and my mom even told me flower was the first word I ever said when I was a baby! She said I pointed to them in our yard in NYC and said FLOWER!!!
 Weeeeeeeeeeeellllll, the day I wore it at camp, this girl(I'm sooooo sorry little sis, I forgot your name, buuuut Brooklyn's best friend...your really sweet and don't let people that "think" they're cool mock you, be WHO God made you to be!!!)  gives me a really sweet compliment on it and this teenage BOY at the table does this completely obnoxious laugh when she compliments me...liiiiiike my shirt is superrrr ugly or something...which I'm liiiiiiike, okaaaaaaaaay i'm almost 40 (38) sooooooooo I could literally care less what this immature kid thinks of my shirt... 
sooooo I just keep walking...cuz you don't get to where I am in life by worrying what everyone thinks of you...buuuuut when we got back, I asked one of the girls at the table WHY he was laughing, like that girls compliment was so stupid or something??? She's like, cuz he said that your shirt looked like it was for Gay Pride Month!!! I was liiiiiiiiiike seriously???? Multi-colored flowers???? You think thats gay??? IF A MAN was wearing it YES...buuuuuut I'm FEMALE...liiiiiike DUH!!!! Soooooo thats soooooo dumb... liiiiiiiike... Get your head out of the clouds🌪... cuz HELLOOOOO... GOD MADE THE FLOWERS and I don't care what some punk kid thinks...jus sayin!!! ;)))))
Moving on...hee, hee...

Me and JENNY...riiiiiiiight before someone tried to photo-bomb us....
buuuuuuuuut NOT quick enough for this sistA!!! ;)
Weeeeeelllllll that's it for today...part 2 coming tomorrow....I decided to break it up into parts since people these days have such short attention spans and you know I got LOTS TO SAY!!! Hee, hee!!!  

♥Mary Frances :)