Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Aunt Mary, you’re NOT fluffy!!!

Soooooooo you guys all knooooooow that I’m Mar Bear 🐻 annnnnnnnnnd I identify as FLUFFY!!! And fluffy isn’t bad to me… in fact fluffy is ACTUALLY my favorite word of all time… NO JOKE!!! 
In fact, I got caught in Balderdash because when writing out my fake definition for a word, I did this epic description of some rare exotic flower, it was soooooo gooooooood, and no one would’ve guessed it, buuuuuuut EVERYONE DID!!! I was liiiiiike how did you guys all know that was me??? They were like cuz you just HAD to add fluffy into the description of the flower!!!!
Anyways, the other day I was saying well I’m just Fluffy Auntie Mar Bear, and Odin just stops in his tracks and says, Aunt Mary, you are NOT fluffy!!! I’m like yes I am!!! He’s like your NOT FLUFFY, you’re SKINNY!!!
I’m liiiiiiike I am NOT SKINNY!!! He’s like YES YOU ARE!!! I’m liiiiiike Odin, I’m not skinny, I’m fluffy and I don’t even want to be skinny either!!!! I mean yes, I want to lose some weight but not enough to be skinny!!! I’m fluffy, and I always want to be a little flufffy!!!
He’s like, buuuuuuut Aunt Mary, YOUR NOT FLUFFY!!! I’m liiiiiike O, I AM FLUFFY!!! Finally in exasperation he says, Aunt Mary your NOT fluffy!!! Do you have furr??? No you don’t, so your not fluffy!!  You have SKIN Aunt Mary, soooooo your SKINNY!!!
You’re riiiiiiight O, I’m SKINNY!!!
I tried then to explain to him what I meant by fluffy buuuuuuuut it wasn’t happening and my sister was like I don’t know WHY you’re even bothering to try and reason with him on this!!! I’m liiiiiike TRUE!!! I guess should just let ONE PERSON in the world believe im skinny…even if THE ONLY quality in being so is the fact that…

♥Mary Frances :)