Wednesday, June 22, 2022

New car šŸš—???

Soooooooo the other day I’m talking to Jenny on the phone šŸ“± and I’m liiiiiike you know what, I’m just gonna go to the car wash so we can just talk while I wait!
Weeeeeeeeeellll I pay a monthly membership and can go once a day if I want to. So I pull up and I tell her to hold on so I can talk to the guy.
The guy sees me, smiles and says, “New car???” I’m liiiiiike huh??? He says again, “new car???” I’m like Um, no it’s not new! I mean it’s a 2010, it’s kinda new to me cuz I just got it buuuuuuut I’ve had it since December!!! He looks at me and just starts laughing! 
He’s like, no, I mean for your air freshener? Do you want the new car scented air freshener like you always get??? I was liiiiiiiiiiiike, OOOOOOOO YEEEEEEEESSSS!!
I was telling my sister and she was just like, WOW!!! Im like for some reason people ALWAYS recognize me and for me it’s like the first time I’ve everrrrr seen them in my life!!!!
Buuuuuuuuuuuut YEEEEEESSSS
NEW šŸš— scent!!! šŸ™ŒšŸ½

♥Mary Frances :)