Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Honoring my Bishop!!!

Hey Everyone! As most of you all know, Bishop Abbott died this week on Monday! We rejoice that he has achieved what we all live for… HEAVEN!!! Yet, he will be greatly missed, especially by his immediate family, his wife and five kids… one of those five kids being my pastor. 
A lot of people have been messaging, asking me if they know if there is anything they can do for the Abbott family? At first I was saying, well just pray for them. it’s never easy losing someone you love and there will be many days of crying ahead for them.
 I know from personal experience how hard it is when a parent crosses over to heaven… you know joy in the midst of sorrow! I cried many, many tears 😭 from missing my mother when she died. 

After thinking about it, i have known Bishop Abbott since the summer I turned three. If there is one way you can honor him, he would want, the purchase of his and all his children’s music 🎶 CDs 💿! Trust me, he WOULD WANT THIS!!!! Gospel music is a huge part of his legacy and it was always his desire for his children to produce music 🎼
I am also specifically requesting that you guys buy a physical copy of Denae’s latest CD The Scarlet Cord. She has spent the last years and years, without complaint taking care of her daddy.
 I remember when she was born and they brought her home, us kids were gathered around on a Wednesday night in the Abbott’s living room where we had kid’s Bible classes. Bishop Abbott was standing in front of his desk, already in his mid 40’s, he held little baby Denae Joy over his head and said to all us kids, "this is my baby!!!" I remember people would ask him if she was his granddaughter and he would say, well she IS one Grand Daughter! And she truly IS!!!!

She was their to witness his very harsh exit from this world into heaven and his last breath was very traumatic for her to experience. If there is something you can do to help her, it is to buy a physical CD from her so she can focus on her next music 🎶 project as she continues carries out her father’s music legacy!!

-Mary Frances Ginty
(A product of a man that answered the call of God to Scottsdale AZ)

Buy a physical CD and pass this message on to EVERYONE!!!