Wednesday, September 14, 2022


Soooooooooo for those of you out there that are AIO fans, I have to share with you THE CUTEST STORY EVERRRRR from one of the little girls in our church and I'm proud to say in MY BIBLE CLASS!!! (Well she's a little bit older now then when this actually happened, buuuuuuuut she is still a sweetie and i LOOOOOOVE this story!!!) Her mom told me this story a while back...
So KENZIE Karlson LOVES Adventure's In Odyssey!!!
Her family is part of the AIO Club and she listens to it EVERYDAY!!! As soon as they get in the car to drive to and from church she says, PUT ON ODYSSEY!!! Weeeeeeeeeelllll the one day, something was up with the AIO website and the club was down. Kensie's dad was putting in the password and over and over again it was failing to work! Weeeeeeelllll this was going on for quite some time and FINALLY, in her FRUSTRATION, Kensie says,
Is that the cutest-awesomest story everrrrr??? That's a proud moment for any AIO FAN!!! Buuuuuuuuuuuut i'm extra proud to say that she goes to MY CHURCH and is in MY BIBLE CLASS!!! Love you Kensie!!! xoxoxo
♥Mary Frances :)