Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Really old…. Liiiiiiiiike….???

Sooooooooo last Monday night after Bible study, I was talking to one of the ladies about the lesson, she's an older lady but very healthy, still works as a nurse, she is 72 years old but she really looks younger and she does NOT consider herself elderly-which i mean really she's NOT!!!! 
Well she starts telling me this story and it was about one of her patients and she said he was a very, very, very old man, then she pauses and just says, I mean just REALLY OLD!!! WEEEEEEEEELLLLL my nephew was sitting there and when she says again that he was just REALLY OLD, Odin joins in the conversation and asks, 
Now remember she is 72 years old and ODIN KNOWS THIS...it took EVERYTHING IN ME to keep a straight face and NOT start laughing!!! Thankfully, she didn't hear him...a UH benefit for me of her being 72!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)