Monday, October 10, 2022

Happy Monday!!!

Can I tell you guys something????
We serve a master artist!!!!!

Just when you think God has outdone Himself with creating gorgeous mountains a beautiful blue sky, God says, oh yeah, if you think that’s GOOD, watch this…
And he adds pink peaking out from behind the mountain tops!!!! And NOT JUST PINK, buuuuuuut PINK FLUFFS!!!! 
Liiiiiiiike literally fluffs of pink!!! You can NOT EVEN say that’s NOT GOD, specifically thinking about ME!!! I mean, Liiiiiike He knows pink is my favorite color and that fluffy is my favorite word… He literally knows that about ME!!! Liiiiiiiike He made me!!! And he could’ve just put pink or he could have just put fluff, buuuuuuut NO, He put PINK FLUFFS there, FOR ME!!!! Just cuz He can and he’s awesome like that!!!
Think this week on the things that God has done ✔️ specifically, with JUST YOU in mind… just cuz He loves YOU, and HE CAN!!!
♥Mary Frances :)