Saturday, July 29, 2023

Surprise, SURPRISE!!!

Guess what you guys???? Last night when I got to church ⛪️ THEY counted and then they YELLED SURPRISE when I walked in!!!
Sooooooo I got to the church ⛪️ about 15 minutes early and was wondering WHY everyone was there!!! Cuz I get to church early all the time but it’s normally like two other cars might be there but I was like whateverrrrrr… I guess everyone wanted to be like me tonight…. Bahahahahaaa 
Soooooo I’m just messing around in my car, reading texts, etc… and I finally go in!!!! And everyone is standing there smiling when I walked I was liiiiiiike HUH???? 
And then they did the count down and yelled surprise!!! I was liiiiiike WOWWWWWW!!!! I think I may ACTUALLY have been speechless!!!!!

My sister said while they were waiting for me to come in, everyone was like what is taking her so long???? And my pastor was liiiiiike, she just got to church you guys, she’s gotta take a SELFIE!!!! Ahahahahahahaaaa!!! 
I definitely got in a lot of selfies last night!!!

Pastor wife of the year… EVERY YEAR!!!

I definitely got lotsa selfies with EVERYONE!!!

Me and the big sista!!!

Lola Bella actually came on a FRIDAY FOR ME!!!


Guess WHO ACTUALLY KEPT THIS PARTY A SURPRISE??? He asked me if I was proud of him and when I said yes he asked me if I wanted to get him something for keeping it a secret???

Selfie with Sister Ev!!!

Thank you Landmark for loving me, Maryness and all!!! 
I can’t imagine NOT being and LPC GIRL!!! 💕 
♥Mary Frances :)