Wednesday, August 16, 2023

40 things about ME!!!

GUESS WHAT i'm 40 today!!!!
(So this was written for my 40th Birthday about a week ahead and it was planned to be posted on my 40th brother wasn't even sick when I wrote this buuuuuut as you all know, things very quickly changed!!! So everything that is written is written the same way I wrote it before my brother's deaths so I actually can't even remember everything I wrote but I wanted to go ahead and post it now...John would want me to move forward and keep celebrating life!!!)
Soooooooo 40 things about ME!!!
1. What's my favorite thing about myself?
My personality!!!
I really, truly, just LOVE, love, LOOOOOVE, being ME!!!
2. What's my least favorite thing about myself? Ummmm... Idk...maybe being scatter-brained! Getting lost in my crying over a non existent thinking stuff!!! 
3. What's my favorite physical feature? My eyes or smile or my hair- Ok pick one, MY EYES! 
4. What's my least favorite physical feature? Probably my teeth
5. What stresses me out the most? People's emotions...I'm a very happy-fun-loving-easy-going kind of person. But I'm also a pretty empathetic person so I tend to take on what others are feeling- If someone has bad self-esteem I want to change that because it bothers me so much that they would feel bad about themselves or like if someone is sad or depressed or in a bad mood it makes my emotions all uh emotional...if that makes sense!!! LOL Buuuuut only if it's someone that I'm really close too!!! Otherwise I really don't get stressed to much...kinda weird that people's stress, stresses me! LOL  
6. Am I introvert or extrovert? I am ambiviant! That means I'm both! I love people and am outgoing, buuuut I also enjoy being by myself, I never really get lonely and actually need to get away and just be with me sometimes too. I mean, that's how writers are...we kinda got be in our own little world...Hee, hee!!!
7. What's my least favorite school subject? Math!!!
8. What's my biggest weakness? SHOPPING...If you consider that a BAD could be a STRENGTH!!! ;))))
9. What is my talent? Writing!!! and Probably storytelling and speaking...which  are actually all forms of writing, they just come forth in different ways!
10. How do I show someone that I love them? Hmmm either through gifts or spending time with them! No probably by spending time! Quality time! IF I want to hang out with you instead of myself, I probably love you!!! Hee, hee!!!!
11. Is it a bigger deal for me to say I love you or for me to say I miss you? I Miss you!!! you see, I'm a very loving person, and I could just about tell anyone that I love them, and truly mean it...I DO!!! Buuuuuut I don't like to say anything that's NOT true, like fake sayings, sooooooo to say I miss you to someone, I mean, I could love you buuuuuuut, that doesn't mean I actually mind being away from you, buuuuut IF I miss you, well, that means I ACTUALLY MISS being with you...make sense??? Buuuuuut I can't just go around continuously telling everyone male or female that I love them AHAHAHA!!! It's not always appropriate to say I love you, yet, I can't say the more acceptable thing UNLESS I actually feel it...otherwise I'd be lying!!! LOL 
12. Do I make my bed in the morning? YES!!! I really do!!!! Except I didn't a few days last week cuz I was sick and in bed most of the day, buuuuuuuuut usually I DO!!!
13. Is my car clean? Depends...buuuut I keep it cleaner that I used too!!!
14. My first word was? FLOWER (According to my mom, I don't actually remember!!!;)
15. What are my two favorite scents? Roses and orange blossoms
16.Favorite scripture? 
To live by: John 13:35
God's awesomeness: John 21:25  
When doubts creep in: Psalm 18:30
17. Favorite story in the Bible? The story of Joseph in Genesis! "What man meant for evil, God meant for Good!"
18. Skirts or dresses??? My favorite is dresses...they are sooooo comfy!!! 
19. What was the saddest time in my life? When my mommy poo died in 2016!!! :,( Also when my best friend backslid in 2021!!!! 
20. What Skill would I like to master? Hmmmm...maybe a budget and savings account and cooking better than my brother John!!! AHAHAAA!!! Soooooooo just a BUDGET AND SAVINGS!!!
21. What is something I will never do again? (Propose on FB!;) Don't judge me, I was liiiiiike only in my late 20's at the time!!! (He posted on his FB status, YE HAVE NOT, because YE ASK NOT!!! Soooooooo i did the natural thing that ANY FEMALE WOULD DO...I ASKED!!! hee, hee!!! ;)
22. What would you tell the 20-year-old you? Your NOT going to be getting married for a REALLY long time, sooooooooo enjoy life, don't get in debt and save money!!!! Other than and focusing too much on marriage, I really wouldn't do anything else different except be wiser with my finances!!!
23. What's my favorite app? I think it's a toss between Yelp and google maps and Audible, otherwise I'm not really on my phone too much these days!
24. Am I more of a romantic or an adventurer? A Adventurer!! LIfe is an adventure and perhaps God will add in a little bit of romance...buuuuut even romance is an adventure if you think about it!!!
25. What's my favorite physical activity? HIKING!!! But also walks in beautiful weather, 5k runs and of course, SHOPPING!!! ;) And worship!!! Nothing like closing all your apple rings during a GOOD CHURCH SERVICE!!!! I'm horrible at all COMPETITIVE SPORTS!!! Although I do enjoy them, I feel bad being on a team when I know I'm going to most likely be the cause of them losing!!!
26. How do you think someone would describe you in five words? Fun, Joyful, Loving, funny, shopaholic, foodie, fun-loving, child-like and bad at math!!! BAHAHAAA!!!
27. Night Owl Or Morning Bird??? Morning Bird all the way!!!
28. Am I a animal lover? Only stuffed animals, burgers and chicken strips!!!
29. Do I love naps? Nope!!! I'm NOT a napper unless I'm SICK!!!
30. Most important thing in my future husband??? Godly Character!!! Buuuuuut it wouldn't hurt if HE LOVED KIDS, had a house, can pay the bills too, handle the Maryness and take charge of everything buuuuut THE KITCHEN!!! (And I'll be the main cleaner too...just so long as his standards aren't higher than mine;) I'm jus sayin...buuuuut MOST IMPORTANT, Godly Character!!! Hee, hee!!!
31. What is my dream career? To be a MOM!!! I know it's cliche but after all this time, it's still my dream!!! 
32. What are my top 3 favorite books?(Besides the Bible)1. Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin 2.The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck 3.The Mitford series by Jan Karon I like books of adventure!!! 4. The Theif from Corinth
33. Chips Ahoy or Oreos??? OREOS!!! Because I can't make them!!! If anyone can make me an Oreo I will be beyond impressed...If it's a guy I'll marry him on the spot!!! Buuuuuuut the cookie part has to be hard like an Oreo too...It can't be soft!!! 
34.What is one thing you could eat every day for the rest of your life??? The Chicken Pad Thai from SIAM!!! buuuuuuuut it HAS TO BE FROM SIAM off of 51st Ave and Northern!!!! Maaaaan that stuff is BOMB.COM!!! You guys HAVE TO TRY THAT!!! Find out more about SIAM HERE!!!
35. Biggest pet peeve? FAKENESS!!! I DESPISE IT!!! 
36. What life saying did my mom teach me the most to live by? "Keep your eyes and Jesus and everything will be all right!"
37. Favorite Food to eat out: ASIAN!!! I think maybe cuz I'm not familiar with the spices to cook it well myself so I don't have anything to compare it too!!!! 
38. Favorite Food to Cook? Italian and Mexican!!! 
39. Favorite color? PINK!!! Liiiiiike DUH!!! Buuuut second favorite is blue cuz I look good in it!!!! my favorite pattern to wear is FLORAL!!!
40. Do I believe in interracial Marriage??? NO!!! You guys didn't think I would say that did you??? Weeeeeeellll the truth is that RACE isn't actually real!!! It's a man-made thing that stems from Darwin's theory of evolution. The theory of evolution created race, believing that humans developed from monkeys and the whiter a human was, THE MORE DEVELOPED AND FURTHER THEY WERE FROM BEING A MONKEY!!! Yep, it's pretty messed up thinking!!! Evolution created race and racism. Therefore, as a one-God-Apostolic-Christian, I DO NOT BELIEVE IN INTERACIAL MARRIAGE because there's actually only ONE RACE!!! The human race!!! There is inter-cultural marriage, buuuuut NOT interracial!!! We're all just different shades of brown!!! And before you say something about me always talking about being Italian, that is MY ETHNICITY AND CULTURE AND TRIBE ...buuuuut it's not a race...Some of us have more brown than others BUUUUUUT we're all made from the same thing…DIRT!!! For my 40th birthday gift- READ ONE BLOOD!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)