Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Branson Trip (Day 1))

Beautiful sunrise at Sky Harbor!!!✈️ 
Odin just got up mid takeoff to go to the bathroom 🚽 the flight attendant FREAKED!!!😂😂😂

In the air... no my phone 📱 isn't in airplane mode yet!!! I'm one of those rebels!!! 😇😇😇

LANDED 🛬 IN Houston Texas!!!

How could I NOT take a picture of this sign?!?!

I feel like this Texas Smokehouse in the of the airport helped to truly experience Texas!!! I should’ve gotten the hoody so I neverrr have to go back!!!! Lol 😂 

Brisket sandwich in the airport… NOT worth the price buuuuut starving and definitely amaaaaaaaaaZing with a capital Z!!! 
I adore Brisket and this place in Houston airport did NOT disappoint!!! 🙌 

Odin as we’re situated onto our second flight ✈️ on a EXTREMELY SMALL PLANE 🛩️ sitting next to a stranger, “Weeeeeeelllll, THANK GOD there’s no TV” 📺!!!!😂🤣🙌

MY seat was literally practically on top of the bathroom entrance soooooo I VERY WILLINGLY took on the job of BATHROOM-DOOR-CLOSER!!!! Trust me, I did NOT want that door even cracking open!!! Lol 😝 

Landon Branson!!!

Okaaaaaaaayyyy sooooooo I knoooooow I’m superrrrrr NOSY buuuuuuuuut I loved looking looking in every ones back yards as we landed!!!! Sooooo apparently, above ground pools are popular out here, I counted about 8!!!

A church ⛪️ with a STEEPLE!!!

Beautiful and GREEN!!!!

Sooooooo I have wanted to go to the precocious moments chapel 💒 since I was 22ish and I didn’t even realize it was here in Branson and then I saw 👀 a billboard advertising it and it’s FREE!!!! I’m sooooo stoked!!!! 

Dinner at Lambert’s- Home of the throwed roll!!!! 🙌 

I ordered chicken fried steak and omw looooooook…. It came with a mountain 🏔️ of mashed potatoes on top!!! 👀 it was sooooooo goooooooood buuuuuut I have leftovers for like a WEEK!!! Probably should’ve shared with my sister buuuuuuuut… 🤷‍♀️ 
This BRO can throw the rolls!!! He has answered his call in life for sure!!!!

Come to mamma you deliciousness!!! 😋 

Finally caught a pic of a roll midair!!! 

Only took this many rolls thrown to finally catch one on camera 

Branson Sunset 🌅 

Mountain Coaster time!!!


You can make it as fast or slow as you want!!!!!! Soooooo you knoooooow I held my handles ALL THE WAY DOWN A FLEW through that mountain 🏔️!!!! Lol 😝 


So the mountain coaster was superrrrrrrr fuuuuuuuuunnnn!! 🤩 

Dole why for dessert!!!


We didn’t go buuuuuuuuut isn’t this gorgeous????


♥Mary Frances :)