Tuesday, August 8, 2023

That is sooooooo….

Soooooooo I made a big pot of pasta sauce for when my family was in town and the day I had emptied the container of sauce for what I was cooking, buuuuuuut there was a LITTLE left at the bottom of the container and I didn’t wanna just LET IT GO DOWN THE DRAIN!!! I know, I know, I knoooooow, some of you reading this are like Mary, JUST THROW IT AWAY!!!! Buuuuuuuut those of you saying that are probably also, NOT AN amaaaaaaaaaaZing cook either… jus sayin…😇
I mean when you’ve put your everything into what you cooked, it’s hard to just THROW IT AWAY!!! It’s like throwing away your heart, and I liiiiiike my heart ❤️!!!!!
Soooooooo you knoooooow what I did??? That’s right, I threw my head back and drank the drip of sauce that was left before throwing it into the sink!!!
MJ comes up behind me and says, 
Okaaaaaaaaaay that is soooooo…
I started laughing cuz I as expecting her to say DISGUSTING OR WEIRD OR SPECIAL buuuuuuuut YES!!!  Soooooooooo ITALIAN!!!! 🙌
♥Mary Frances :)