Monday, August 21, 2023

Guess what????

Today, Liz, my sister in law married to my brother John, gave me the birthday 🥳 present 🎁 from their family! They have had it since before John died buuuuuuuut with everything going on, obviously they didn’t have a chance to give it to me and she said John had specifically picked this out for my 40th birthday present!!! when she showed it to me I screamed and laughed and wanted to cry all at the same time!!!! He definitely 💯 knew his big sister!!!! Lol 😂 it’s very much A MARY GIFT 🎁 🥰 😂
I would post a picture buuuuuuut I want to WAIT till it’s all set up!!! My sister in law Grace is going to get it all set up for me.. because you know #ASIANSCANDOANYTHING!!! #AsianTouch
She said they were going to just give me money buuuuut he wanted to get me an actual gift, which at the time of picking out my gift he wasn’t even sick 😷 buuuuut getting an actual present from him after he’s gone means sooooo much to me!!! And it’s sooooo funny cuz I’ve actually posted so much blog stuff after he died about him saying stuff to me about this… soooooo yeah it’s soooooo funny and I’m thankful and to glad to have one more last memory with him!!! 
I can’t wait to show you guys though!!!! I’m soooooo EXCITED!!!

♥Mary Frances :)