Tuesday, October 10, 2023

DC Pentecostal Shoutout!!!

We were in George Town doing a DC tour and we all had a lunch break and we were heading to the boat and I saw a group of people smiling at me… and it was weird because I had been seeing A LOT of modestly dressed people when we went to Lancaster but when I saw this group I KNEW they were Pentecostal… I was liiiiiike, are you guys Pentecostal????
They said they were, ANNNNNNND that they knew who I was cuz they read my blog… I was, that is soooooooo cool!!! The last thing I was expecting to find in DC!!!! There’s something about being Pentecostal, it’s not just dressing modesty that separates us from the world as it is with other Christian religions, it’s obedience to Acts 2:38, repentance, baptism in Jesus name and the HOLY GHOST, that truly separates us from the world and unites us together!!!
The people in my tour group were soooooo like, did you know those people? Why would you just take a picture with them? Who are they? One man kept asking me, well where are they from? I was like, Miami? He’s like, but where were they from before that? I was liiiiiike, idk 🤷‍♀️ liiiiiiike I literally just met them!!!! Buuuuuuut THE FAMILY OF GOD… we’re related by the blood 🩸 of JESUS!!!
Sooooooooo shout out to the Pentecostals from Brother John’s church ⛪️ in Miami Florida!!! The only names I remember are Kaleo, the only reason I remember that name is cuz I knew someone else with that name and it’s Hawaiian 🌺, Mona and baby Jace!!!! Thanks for being a reader of Classic Mary Moments!!! Feel free to keep in touch, MaryFrancesWriting@gmail.com I love making new friends and it was a highlight on my trip meeting you all!!! 🤗 
♥Mary Frances :)