Friday, October 13, 2023

I’m home from…

A 40th Birthday πŸ₯³ gift 🎁 from THE BEST SISTER EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! πŸ€— πŸ₯° 😘 
It’s going to take FOREVERRR to blog about the whole trip… buuuuuuut my top πŸ” favorites: 1. Moses play- Light &Sound
2. Amish Farmers Market 3. Shopping πŸ›️ at The Main Street Exchange 4. Seeing my extended family outside of NYC or AZ 
5. Standing in front of the country capitol and the White House for the very first time  6.The Bible Museum 7. Randomly meeting Pentecostals that read my blog in DC 8.The Spy Museum 9.Brooklyn Bagels πŸ₯― & a Paris Bakery 
Weirdest things on the trip:
1. A lady with a pet roach named Gerald… YES I screamed
2. Uber driver that kept opening his door and honking loogies as he drove! 
3. Another Uber driver that lectured me for 10 minutes straight on FEMALE CANCER… I was liiiiike BRO… i was literally trying trying soooooo hard NOT to start laughing… and there’d be a 10 second pause and he’d be right back at it… AS YOUR FRIEND I have to tell you this… it was a really long and awkward drive to an amazing bakery!!!! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜…
♥Mary Frances :)