Thursday, December 14, 2023

LCA Christmas Recital 2023!!!

I loooooove our church ⛪️ school, Landmark Christian Academy’s Christmas recital we do every year…
It’s like the official beginning of all the Christmas festivities 

The kids playing the bells to Jungle Bells and last year Lucy Karlson officially named them the Landmark Ding- Dongs… you gotta meet Lucy, she has the best and funnest personality everrrrr!!!!

Literally THE WHOLE REASON Odin decided to take piano 🎹 this year, for these two minutes to SHINE!!!! 😂 (takes after his aunt;)

My first Christmas outfit of the season!!!

Younger LCA KIDS- Abby, Ellie, Lucy, Chelsea, Bella, Odin & Kyle!!!

Older LCA Kids- Levi, Kenzie, Malia, Grace, MJ & Will

And the night ended playing four square… I looooove this game because I enjoy playing sports buuuuut neverrrr play because I’m soooooo horrible at them and it’s a guarantee that the team I’m on will most likely lose because of me, buuuuut with four square, I can have fun, LOSE and it only affects me and no one has to pray through over me losing the game… I just laugh and play again… UNLESS I I have a miracle and win and then I neverrr shut up about it!! 😝 I think that racquet ball and pickle ball are the same way if anyone wants to teach me how to play????
♥Mary Frances :)