Friday, December 15, 2023

LPC Ladies Cookie Exchange 2023!!!

Sooooooo our annual ladies cookie 🍪 exchange is always a biiiiiiig blast 💥 every December!!! It is sooooooo much fun 🤩 and we always have a such a gooooooood time!!!

I don’t know how many years back now, I started adding in an outfit contest to encourage everyone to DRESS UP!!!!
This year I added in a PINK category since pink is ALL the rage right now…the ladies walked down in their categories and then everyone turns in their ballots for each category…
Sister Bishop even did a little model wave 👋 when she walked down to show her outfit- I think that may have been my favorite part of the whole night… 😂🤣

The winners: 
The pinkest: Malia
The Classiest: Denae
The Merriest: Ally
Little Miss Merry: Chelsea 

Gift 🎁 exchange game!!!

Guess which guy’s name I told them all to say when I snapped the picture???? Hint: I’ve NEVERRRRRR met him… soooo it’s NOT JESUS!!! 

It was a grand time together and I already have plans for next year… I think we need an ACTUAL carpet for everyone to walk down modeling their outfits!!!

♥Mary Frances :)