Saturday, January 27, 2024

Landmark Conference 2024!!!

Soooooooooooo LITEREALLY this was THE ONLY PICTURE I took the first night!!! 
I didn't even take a selfie!!!! Say WHAAAAAAAAAAAT??????
Younger Brother Garrett Preached an amaZing message called "Almost When" (at least that's what I told my brother title was when he asked, I'm not 100% sure that was the actual title but close ENOUGH) To paraphrase the message, It was just like how in a story there is always the who, what, where, when, why and how and in our lives we have things, dreams, goals and aspirations that we desire to be fulfilled but we are just waiting on THE WHEN!!! As a writer and someone that's WAITING I could really relate to the message....I should probably listen to it a FEW MORE TIMES...I need to get the recording!!! 
A little rundown though, we ALL went to Rudy's BBQ after church and Priscilla and i were THE LAST TWO there!!! I accidentally missed the exit cuz I was talking and didn't hear my navigations, I was just talking and it was liiiiiiiiike OOOOOOOPS!!!! 
The next morning Priscilla put together my espresso machine....look at the beautiful liquid coming out...I'm telling you tasted sooooooooooo goooooood!!!!!
Isn't that the cuuuuutest mug????? It was my mommy pooh's!!!!

I look like I need 20 more shots!!!!

Work of art over here!!!!
I mean the picture speaks for itself!!!
Priscilla posing for Volley Ball!!!

My lovely friend SIGH!!! She finally got to see me in a GOOOOOOOOOOD MOOD!!!! When we met originally, I was in a really, really bad mood!!! She was like, so that's you in a BAD MOOD???? I just thought you were quiet and introverted!!! I'm liiiiiiiiike, YEP, that's me in a bad mood....I'm JUST QUIET!!!! She's like welll that's not really bad!!! Anyways, we had a good time and BTW: She's siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiingle!!!! (someone just asked me if I've everrrr managed to hook someone up from advertising someone's singleness on my blog and I said SO FAR NO!!! buuuuuuuuuut heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, SIGH COULD BE MY FIRST!!!! Make sure you meet her at THE ONE GOD CONFERENCE NEXT WEEK!!!! ;))))) 

One of my sweeeeetest friends everrrrr...and she IS MARRIED!!!

Little Miss TABZ!!!!
Different young people started playing the piano and everyone gathered around and sang!!!!

ALL THESE GIRLZ ARE SINGLE....jus sayin!!!! ;)

Ooooooooooh it's KARENZA....did I mention she's SINGLE??? ;)

On the way to church we came up with the OFFICIAL MARY WORD!!! It happened like this, I was driving in our neighborhood, sucking on a lollipop and talking to Priscilla and I rolled down my window and threw out my lollipop I was like, cuz its hard enough for me to talk and drive there is NO WAY I can talk, drive AND SUCK ON A LOLLIPOP all at the same time and right as I said that, I almost crashed into another car, buuuuuuuuuuuut I DIDN'T and I was liiiiiiiiiiiike... OOOOOOOOOOOOOPS!!!! So then after that anytime I did something Maryish, Priscilla would just say, OOOOPS!!! aND YEAH I think it's MY WORD!!! BAHAHAHHAHAHAAAA!!!
SHE'S going to be an Arizonan AGAIN!!!


Elder Brother Garrett!!!! AmaaaaaaaZing preaching buuuuuut I feel so bad buuuuuut I don’t remember the message… because I was supposed to leave to help with minister’s banquet near the end of the message buuuuuuuut I was just liiiiiiike, WAIT, how will I know when the message is coming to near to the end??? I was gonna ask somebody what he preached so I could write about it buuuuuut then I was like that’s fake pretending I remembered!!! I’ll just listen to recording cuz clearly I need to hear it again… buuuuuut I knoooooow it was very powerful in the moment!!! I DO REMEMBER he said something like, you think God can’t do revival in Parker??? SHUT UP!!! And then after conference I was talking to a friend about someone and I was like that would be the coolest story everrrrr if you won that lady to the Lord! And she yeah it would, then she paused and said but she’s  a lesbian and stuff!!! I was liiiiiiike, WHAAAAAT???? DIDNT you hear the preaching last night???? YOU THINK GOD CANT SAVE A LESBIAN??? And then we said together,  SHUT UP!!!!
Soooooooo I did get something but my brain froze for the rest of it!!!!
More Volleyball!!!!


Where SOOOOOOOOOME OF US WOKE UP AND DRANK ESPRESSO buuuuuuuu others of us...I won't mention any names AHEM PRISCILLa, DID NOT WAKE UP!!! BAHAHAHAAAAA!!!

Okaaaaaaay she's up now, it's only like 5ish and she's getting a venti double shot!!!! 

And we went to the AMAAAAAZING SIAM!!!
I'm liiiiiiiiiike, HEEEEEY DOES ANYONE WANT A COOKIE??? I mean it's been like an hour since we ate anything!!!!! EVERYONE DID!!!! 

Goodbye my fuuuuun little friend!!!! 
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllll we had conference leftovers come to church sooooooooo of course I had to add thesse in....and do you like my conference aftermath dress????
Tortas Paquimé after church...lotsa good eating and talking and MORE EATING!!! I just could NOT get that concha in and was sad about it the next day!!! LOL 
Annnnnd there you guys have it, LANDMARK CONFERENCE!!!! Best conference everrrr at the best church ⛪️ everrrrr, pastored by the best pastor everrrrrrr who is married to THE BEST PASTOR’S WIFE EVERRRRRRR!!!!
Got this done ✔️ chaperoning at the boringest gym night everrrrr, only cuz I literally reckonize NO ONE!!!! Why did my VEGAS AND AZ FRIENDS NOT COME TO WCYC THIS YEAR???? We’ve had sooooo much fun though… we have so many stories to tell from this trip and amaaaaaaZing church ⛪️ it’s just this gym… BRO IT LITERALLY SMELLS LIKE sweaty male BO SOOOOO BAD WHEN YOU WALK IN HERE….Oh well I finally got this blog posted!!! It’s 2am time to goooooo to bed!!!!! Wooooooohooooo!!!! See everyone next week at THE ONE GOD CONFERENCE IN AVONDALE!!! Duuuuuuude it’s 2:03, someone blow that whistle and and end this!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)