Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Happy Juneteenth!!!

On my own, as early as four years old, I can remember taking and interest in African culture and the civil war times…I would imagine being one of the ones to help free slaves, I had a black baby doll, black barbies and I dreamed of one day having a black friend…
While I don't support all the political propaganda that comes along with this holiday, I do believe that it is representative of one of the greatest days in American history that should be remembered and honored!!!

People ask me WHY I would celebrate today when I’m white, I’m liiiiiiiiike, UH, cuz I don’t believe in slavery… liiiiiike DUH πŸ™„ 
It was a REPUBLICAN president that ended slavery!!!
Growing up I loved reading the American Girl books! Annnnnnd you all know me, of course my favorite girl was ADDY!!! The story of Addy goes through her life as a child slave in the fields and then her life as her and her mom escape to freedom. 

I remember reading this series and there is a part where one of the slave drivers forces her to eat a worm for not picking fast enough in the field!I was sooooo horrified that they would do that to her... Buuuuuut the American girl series of slavery is really a very glamorized version of what actually happened!!!
Always having an extra interest in the civil war era of American history, It wasn't until I read this book below, "To Be A Slave" that I realized just how dehumanized people in slavery truly were!!!

♥Mary Frances :)