Thursday, June 13, 2024

Is there a reason???

Sooooooooo my doctor referred me to a weight-loss clinic in Scottsdale and so I made an appointment and had a phone intake yesterday morning, where basically they go over their program with you and ask you your goals etc...
So they start off my asking me if I was referred to them by someone? So I say yes, my doctor and then they ask me IF there was a REASON WHY my doctor had referred me to their WEIGHT LOSS program???
When they asked me this, I paused for a really long time, TRYING to figure out the correct answer??? I mean, this seemed pretty basic, buuuuuut I also graduated high school with straight Ds...soooooooo I analyzed it several times in my head buuuuuuut still could NOT come up with any other answer to this question than the OBVIOUS reason one would join a WEIGHT LOSS program...sooooooooo finally I say...
Liiiiiiiiiiike DUH!!! :P
The lady doing the intake starts laughing...I was liiiiiike I MEAN WHY ELSE WOULD I JOIN THE PROGRAM??? 
♥Mary Frances :)