Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chillin in Africa!

I don't know why but lately I have just been thinkin that it would be soooooooo cool to go to Africa-Especially Liberia. It's not that I feel called there or anything like that. I just want to experiance it and see the homeland of my people. Sooooooooooo with all that on my mind...I had this dream the other day that me and my whole youth group were just CHILLIN in Africa!!! LOL So we're all in AFRICA and I am lookin around and I am like, "OMW! This is SOOOOOO cool! There are like African kids EVERYWHERE!!!" (What a coincidence!;) Sooooooooo I am like, heeeeeeeeey you guys, since we're here, we should like do some OUTREACH or something!!! (Like DUH!) So everyone is like OH YEAH! Good idea Mary! Then they are like, OH BUT you have to ask Bro. Abbott FIRST! HAHAHA!!! So I do...and he is like, "You know I think thats a good idea Sis. Mary!" LOL and that was IT!!! HAHA!!! I was tellin everyone at church and they were just like okaaaaaaaaay...ONLY you Mary, would have a dream that we were all just "Chillin in Africa!"