Friday, March 19, 2010


WE are all SOOOOO VERY excited about our installation service tomorrow night!!! We have been cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and cleaing preparing for all our visitors tomorrow night! Here is Jac TOTALLY makin the chandelier sparkle! (It woulda been sooooo funny if she had fallen! Don't worry its RUG! LOL)WE hardly ever get to show our church off sooooooooo just wait till you all see it!!! It's BEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUTIFUUUUUUULLLL!!! Well at least I think it is!!! Ooooooooo and wait till you all see my classroom!!! It's the first room on the right on your way to the mens restroom. BUT even if I didn't tell you that you would still know cause it is SOOOOOOOOO Maryish!!! Ooooo and we have a class pet her name is ROSIE!!! I want you all to meet her! was a LONG day!!! I breaded like a THOUSAND peices of chicken!!! (Not really...BUT!) Tomorrow I volunteered to babysit my nephew!!! My mom is like going all out with her cookin for the minister's meal, and even though I LOVE cookin, I would SOOOOO much rather watch my adorable nephew then endure the CRAZINESS of my mother in the kitchen!!! HAHA!!! Remember...she is a FULL BLOODED Italian...I am only considered a lowly Irish, for the lack of my coloring!!! *sob! Then after the service I am serving in the minister's thing...I SHO hope I don't spill anything!!! Baaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaa!!!

>>>>>>>> Oh yeah!! AND if your we are located at
10250 N. 124th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85259
(One Block South of Shea on the right)
OUR church is basically located in the RITZIEST part of Scottsdale
AND the church LOOKS like a REALLY big house!!!
(Cuz it is!! ;)
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