Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm the kind of girl that...

I'm the kind of girl that REFUSES  to get bitter about being an "Old Maid" ;) I'm the kind of girl that STILL loves Valentine's day, EVEN without a date! I'm the kind of girl that still trys find matches for ALL my friends, even when I can't find my own. I'm the kind of girl never tires of being the bridesmaid...cause hey, I love dressin up and the chance for ALL eyes on me! :D I'm the kind of girl that is determined to STILL go to all the weddings- no matter the reminder of my own singleness. I'm the kind of girl that jumps up and makes a mad grab for the bouquet, EVERY TIME, even though I have never caught it! I'm the kind of girl that ALWAYS goes to the wedding of all her old crushes. I'm the kind of girl who's heart squeezes as they say their vows and kiss. The kinda girl that holds back the tears and whispers, man THAT GIRL'S BLESSED!
The kinda girl that watches her dream walk back down the aisle, with another beatiful girl and hears God say..."just wait, I have someone that fits you even better picked out."
AND I'm the kinda girl, 
that hears God say this and all I can think is...
Yup! I'm just that kinda girl!