Monday, August 16, 2010

All for a boy...

Still can't believe I actually did it! LOL!!! I got up for church yesturday at 5 AM!!! Spent 3 hours curling my hair with a curling iron and it died in like 30 minutes...ALL for a boy...THAT IS ONLY  7!!! HAHA!!! Sooooo Derek was over at my house some time in July and we were looking at my blog together and he sees a pic of me with my hair all curled on the 4th of July and is like, "YOU LOOK GOOD! You should wear your hair like that ALL the time!" So I'm like, "Thanks, BUT it takes a REALLLLLY LONG time to do!" He just like looks at me like whatever and is like, SOOO I like it like that! " Soooo i'm like okaaay There is like NOOOO WAAAAY i'm gonna do it like this EVERYDAY!!!  But I promised him that I will do it for him that Sunday IF he gave me a hug AND got his picture taken with me! AND he said Okaaay FINE but I was ONLY getting them IF I wore my hair down and curled AND that I should wear pink! (Dude talk about BOSSY!) So I agreed....BUT Sunday came and I had some kids over that I had to get ready for church in the morn and then another Sunday came, and another...AND I kept promising! FINALLY this past Sunday was his last Sunday here before he went back to Texas...SO I DID IT!!! AND When I was done with my hair, I looked in the mirror, and I KNOW this is gonna sound soooo conceited, BUT I looked in the mirror and was like, WOW!!! My hair looked AMAZING!!! I was like MAN!!! My self-confidence is soooooooo high right now, I could meet the hottest guy in the world and not even feel the least bit intimidated...That lasted for about FIVE MINUTES before my hair started drooping!!! HAHAHA!!! BUT it was sooooo worth it when Derek saw me before church...he was like, YES! And did that hand motion that guys do when they like won something...anyone know what I mean?! He was like YES! Finally! It was sooo cute! (Cuz like I know thats what ALL you guys think in your head when you see me....YES!;) And without hesitating he gave me MY HUG!!! I was like AWWWWW!!! THEN after church I was like okaaaay Derek, Picture time! And he just kinda looks at me and is all...NOT ANYMORE!!! Your hair is all messed up NOW!!! I was like, WHAT?!?! LOL NOOOO WAAAAAY! I DO NOT CARE IF MY HAIR IS IN STRINGS BY NOW...I got up at 5am are SOOOOOOOOOOOO GETTING THAT PICTURE WITH ME!!! LOLOL!!!

BUT we got it!!! :) Awwwwwwww its soooo cute AND matching eyes... if ONLY he was like ten years older...okaaaaay wait he is 7...  so 11 years older....HAHAHA....I should SOOOOOO be saying like 20 years older since i'm 27!!! But you know its all good!!! LOLOLOL!!! ;)

[Btw- Christy Miller fans- don't you think Derek, when he grows up, would soooooo be what Todd Spencer looks like?!?!!? TALL, with BLOND hair and SCREAMING SILVER BLUE EYES!!!  Keep waiting for out Todds GIRLS and remember to make sure your knight in shining armor is NOT really just a REJECT in tin foil!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!]
P.S Question for all you girls with the perfectly beautiful curls that DO NOT TURN INTO limp, lifeless strings in a few hours- HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?! AND DO NOT EVEN tell me Hair spray, cause I used more than half a can of Aussie Freeze on my hair yesturday!!! LOLOLOL HELP ME GIRLS!!!