Monday, August 16, 2010


****Newsflash**** "If you don't want other people to know your business, don't post it on Facebook!" Or your Twitter OR on your blog Or on gmail buzzz or in emails, text messages or just in general when YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH and start talkin!!! ♥. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Just saw this first part and had to POST IT and thought to ad the rest!!! It just cracks me up when people "Talk about their problem" without really sayin what is they are just dying for you ask questions and then when you do, "They can't talk about it!" or they "Just want you to pray for them!" AND your like okaaaaaaaaaay whatever- if  you CAN'T talk to me about it, BUT you WANT ME to talk to to God about it, lets just save us BOTH the trouble and how about YOU JUST TALK TO GOD ABOUT IT!!!! :)