Monday, September 13, 2010

How was YOUTH ALIVE?!?!

Youth Alive was AWESOME!!! I had soooooo much fun and it was sooooo COOL being at an amusement park with so many fellow Apostolics!!! At one point this guy that isn't Apostolic walks by me, looks at my skirt and just kind of mutters under his breath, "National Skirt Day" HAHAHAHA!!! I was like Oooooooo yeah!!! It's been "National Skirt Day" for me, EVERY DAY since I was about three years old! (Which I'm glad about that, CUZ i previousley had to wear ALL of my brother Joe's HAND-ME-DOWN pants!!! Don't ask what happened to Theresa's pretty clothes...THEY WERE ALL PUT ASIDE AND SAVED FOR HER---->THE FIRST BORN!!! This is what happens when your THE MIDDLE CHILD!!!LOL!) Soooo on the way home, the question was asked to me;

 WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF YOUTH ALIVE? I was like hmmm...cuz there was A LOT of stuff goin on with this trip... Church, Preaching, THE PARK, THE RIDES, The Singspiration, The socializing...UH yeah...I stopped there...THE SOCIALIZING was FOR SURE my favorite part of the trip!!!! LOL! Sorry if it seems TOTALLY unspirtitual of me to say that, BUT its the HONEST TRUTH!!! I love going and getting to see all my friends that I don't get to see very often AND just makin memories with my youth AND meeting new people!!! I got to meet SOOOO many people for the first time on this trip AND I LOVE THAT!!! I love making friends!!! Its just sooooo AWESOME! AND it's not something that I can just do ALL the time!!!  I LOVED the preaching, but I have good preaching at my church! I enjoyed the singing, BUT my church is filled with talented singers!!! I LOVED praying, but I can pray ANYWHERE, ANY TIME!!! For that matter God is EVERYWHERE, however, I AM NOT...which is what makes socializing SOOOO AWESOME!!! LOL Thats my story and I'm stickin with it!!!

Ashlyn & Denae
These two girls are sisters, I didn't know them but they found me and said that they read my blog and I got to hang out with them a little bit...they were really sweet AND soooo PRETTY!!!

Me & Kendra!!!
I FINALLY got to meet this girl!!!
She is soooo cool, wish we coulda hung out longer AND I am kinda BUMMED that I didn't actually get to hear her sing at the second session of the singspiration! (We had to head back to AZ) I have heard that she is an AWESOME singer!!! WCC?!?!?!

Kendra & Brendan Thaler
Awww... they are sooooo cute!!! :)

 Me and Sis. Kendricks...
We read each other's blogs and she reconized me...
So OF course we had to get our pic together!!! :D

Leah & Yvette!!!
These two girls were SOOOOO funny!
They had all these Apostolic Male Models picked out for me & they kept trying to show me this one guy's green eyes...LOLOLOL!!! I'm glad I got to meet you girls and THANKS for reading my blog!!!

THE one person that I did NOT get to meet in person is SIS. KATHY, from Bro. White's church in Burbank! We have been blog friends FOR SOOOO LONG and We like totally had it ALL planned but it just didn't work out!!! I saw her though sittin across from me during the preaching but didn't feel it would be apropriate to go say hi, right then...HAHAHA! She was soooo busy helpin run stuff with her church and was behind stage the WHOLE day at Knotts...SHE didn't even get to ride any rides!!! Any of you all that sang, probabley got to meet her...The pretty blonde lady with a clipboard! :)

Oh I also got to meet the little miss Meghan Rowell, this REALLY cool girl named Elissa, (WHO'S mom gave our youth these AWESOME brownies she made, and I REALLY hope she text messages me, cause I was hangin out the van window, givin her my number and I didn't get hers!!! LOL) AND there was some other people that I met to, soooooo I'm sorry if I didn't say anything about you or if I didn't remember your name or get a picture...We'll do it for SURE @ WCC!!! FIND ME!!!
Woooooohooooooo!!!! Can't wait!!!

YUP...SOCIALIZING was fo sho....

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