Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Returnin Charmin!!!

I just got off the phone with my lovely mother, AND after our little convo, i just can't help but wonder, WHY?!?! WHY ME?!?! Why am I ALWAYS the one that has to RETURN stuff for my mom?!?! There are FIVE of us children, BUT for some reason, I am THE CHOSEN one to ALWAYS return stuff for her when it rings up wrong OR SOMETHING!!! LOL I guess she knows that I am the only one that will ACTUALLY do it!!! The two firstborns, T & Joe, FORGET IT!!! Then John, he is SOOO BOSSY, he is basically just another firstborn, then there is Abie, the baby of the family, AND of course he would do it, BUT, since EVERYTHING is always bought from Fry's, which is the grocery store he works at, my mom feels bad askin him to return stuff to his place of work...HAHA!!!

Sooooo I think the worst thing I have EVER had to return for my mom is TOILET PAPER!!! BAHAHAHA! So she gives my little brother Abe a list of stuff to buy when he gets off work one day AND on the list was toilet paper. WELL the next thing I know she is callin me up, "ABRAHAM GOT THE WRONG KIND OF TOILET PAPER!" I'm like, wrong kind? How can there be a WRONG KIND OF TP?!?! She is like, 'He got the EXPENSIVE kind!" I'm like, okaaaaaaay.... Expensive TOILET PAPER?!?! What is this like, THE BURBERRY BRAND OF TP or what?!?!? Ahahahahahahaha!!! She is like he got Charmin and we only use SCOTT Tissue cuz it's the cheapest and you get the most quanity!! So i'm like well mom, did Abe use his money or yours? She is like HIS, I'm like WELL THEN WHO CARES!!??!?! And she is like thats NOT THE POINT!!! Its a waste of money to spend it on EXPENSIVE TOILET PAPER!!!

Sooooo OF COURSE, the next thing I know, I'm being picked up AND dropped off @ Fry's! There I am, standin in line @ the customer service desk with THE EXPENSIVE TOILET PAPER in my arms!!! LOL! So it's my turn and i'm like, ummm, I need to return this, and I give them the reciept and they are like, is there anything wrong with it? I'm like, Uh NO! They are like, what is the reason for your return? I'm like uh...ummmmm...cuz I mean, WHAT am I supposed to say??? It's to expensive! Or We're SOOO GHETTO we can't afford this brand? Or WELL my mom prefers the cheap kind that feels like sandpaper??? BAHAHA! Soooo i'm like, Uh...ummm....uh...ummmmm...."We don't need it." They just look at me like, OH REALLY??? AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Then I was talkin to one of my friends later on and I was tellin her about this WHOLE "EXPENSIVE" Toilet paper ordeal and then later on in the convo we were talking about this cute guy...OF COURSE...and I was like, What kind of girl do you see him with? AND without missing a beat she was like, A GIRL THAT RETURNS EXPENSIVE TOILET when she is asked too! HAHA! I was like, I AM SOOOOOO SURE!!! It would be my luck that I end up with...  Bossy-MR. FRUGAL, makin me return stuff like "EXPENSIVE" toilet paper!!! Basically, that describes my little brother JOHN...not that I would mind...we get along GREAT and  HEEEEEEY, if he's cute...It's ALL GOOD!!!! LOLOL!!! ;) ;) ;)
Soooooo YEAH,
I return expensive toilet paper...
I just added it to the TOP OF MY WIFE RESUME!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!