Thursday, November 18, 2010

Proud Auntie moment #10204757

Sooooo as ALL of you faithful blog readers know... I LOVE TAKING pictures of myself!!! LOL! Here I am at the ocean last week, my sister-in-law caught this picture of me...HAHAHA!!! Call me conceited, full of myself...or just plain CRAZY...but its a hobby of mine and I am really QUITE good at it!!! ;) In fact, I personally think that i can take a better picture of myself than most professional photographers!!! My family and friends really don't even think twice when they see me in action...I can be snappin away pics of myself and we're all still just chattin away like normal!!! Well yesturday evening I had a TOTAL proud Auntie moment!!! I was holding my nephew, Jose, and I was letting him play with my phone, which is what I take most of my self portraits on. Soooo Jose is playing with it then he just holds it up in front of his face and TRYS TO TAKE A PICTURE OF HIMSELF!!! I was like...OMW...I screamed and was laughing hysterically...and yeah...basically I was just really proud of him!!! Can't believe he picked up on that already!!!

 Yup, we took this picture OURSELVES!!!
Are we good or are we GOOOOD!?!?!?! ;)