Sunday, May 1, 2011


 Soooo SORRRRRy that I didn't blog most of last week!!! Our computer got a virus while my sis was on PEOPLE OF WALMART...BAHAHA!!! I wouldn't be surprised if the computer ACTUALLY did catch the virus from one of the people on that site!!! LOL! Soooooo the computers was being fixed ALL week...Thanks to Micheal Nickels and his AWESOME skills for fixing it ONCE AGAIN!!!  Anywayz, I was having TOTAL withdrawals last week... I'm like KIM do you know what this means???? No facebook, twitter, email, blogging, stalking, Adventures in odyssey, studying, writing, instant messaging... BUT the house is soooooooo super CLEAN!!! HAHA!! I officially know what its like to be MARRIED now!!! Hee, hee!!!

Did anyone miss my bloggin last week?!?! I ACTUALLY had a nightmare that we FINALLY got the computer back and I went RUSHING to check my email and MUCH to my horror and dismay, NO ONE HAD EMAILED ME THE WHOLE ENTIRE WEEK!!! I was soooo SAD and felt like a total LOOSER!!! HAHA!!! THANKFULLLY when I checked my email, I had 80 unread messages...YAAAY!!! I'm still LOVED!!!

Well on to more exciting things...
Can I get a WOOT, WOOT!!!