Friday, August 19, 2011

Mary's World Famous, Better than Kim's, Better than yo momma's, better than Cheesecake Factory's, Better than Paradise Bakery's, Better than Panera's, Better than Arby's,Best in the world, EVEN YOUR HUSBAND will love it, CHICKEN SALAD!!! :)))

Okaaaaaay sooooo EVERYONE in the whole world knows that I make like THE BEST chicken salad EVERRR....BUT just in case you didn't know that....I thought that perhaps I should tell you about it!!! :))) (Just cuz I'm soooo nice like that!!! :)

My friend Sheree ADORES my chicken salad!!!! So we were at this ladies thing this one time and i'm NOT gonna say when or WHERE, how many years ago or NUTIN cuz I don't want ANYONE to think that perhaps i'm talkin about THERE chicken salad...LOL...but Sheree had decided that after tastin MY CHICKEN SALAD that she liked chicken salad since mine was the only kind she had everrrr tasted she assumed that everyone's was like mine, well we went to this one thing, and she tried this ONE kinda chicken salad, which I actually liked, I mean I didn't think it was AS GOOD as mine...LOL...but I still liked it!!! Sheree, was like, Mary when I saw chicken salad I got soooo excited, and THEN I tried it and I was like OOOOOO this is NOT how chicken salad is supposed to taste!!! HAHAHA!!! I guess I had set a high standard for her!!! Later on I heard the lady tryin to get rid of it...HAHA!!! She was like, my husband JUST WON"T eat this!!!!! BAHAHAHA!!! And being the humble person I am, I couldn't help but think to myself, I BET he would eat MY CHICKEN SALAD!!!!!!

Everyone would always rave about my chicken salad but I didn't really see what they were makin such a big deal about...its JUST CHICKEN SALAD...then I began tryin other people's and I was like Oooooo....thats why everyone likes mine sooooo much!!! Well its really quite simple so being the generous person that I am, I thought I would share it with you this is what I call...

 Mary's World Famous, Better than Kim's, Better than yo momma's, better than Cheesecake Factory's, Better than Paradise Bakery's, Better than Panera's, Better than Arby's, Best in the world, EVEN YOUR HUSBAND will love it, CHICKEN SALAD!!! :))) AKA...

Mary’s Chicken Salad!!!
Well what are we waitin for here is the recipe for...
You will need...
4 boneless skinless chicken breast boiled till completely cooked then chopped up
2 tbs of sweet relish
3-4 tbs of white vinegar
half an onion chopped tiny
about 2 cups of mayo
2 tsp of salt
1-2 tsp black pepper

Mix it all together and let sit in fridge for at least 3 hours before eating.(You can also ad in chives, walnuts, grapes, pineapple if you desire- I’ve also added in cilantro before and ed it!!!;)

This salad will usually stay good in the fridge for at least a week a week or so cuz the vinegar preserves it and btw- this is NOT an exact recipe I NEVER measure anything…LOL!

So back in January, I decided to try and taste Cheesecake factory's chicken salad, JUST TO SEE if it was as goooood as mine....OR OMW WHAT IF IT WAS BETTER!!! I HAD TO KNOW!!! I was SOOOOOOOO NERVOUS about eatin it...WHAT REALLLLLY was better THAN MINE?????? When the waiter put that sandwhich in front of me...FEAR GRIPPED MY HEART!!!! As I raised it to my mouth I wondered...


As I took a bite of that sandwhich, my tasebuds were greeted absolute delicousness...I took another bite and savored the flavor in my mouth...Mmmmmm....Mmmmm...MMMMMM....soooooo, soooo SOOOOO GOOOD!!!! Sooooo good that I could HONESTLY say that it was almost, ALMOST as good as MINE!!! Thats right folks...I said ALMOST...but in that moment I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that MINE was still BETTER!!!!!

When the waiter came to get my empty plate I told him that they had a REALLLLLY good chicken salad sandwhich. He was like, Oh yeah we do!!! I was like YEAH it was REALLLLLY GOOOOOD...Almost as good as MINE!!! Then I gave him sweeet smile and made him laugh...HAHAHA!!! It really is GOOOOOD though!!! (I get the chicken salad sandwich almost EVERY time I go...which isn't to often...LOL!!)

BUt its TRUE, Almost ALL the ladies in my church LOVE my chicken salad!!! I make it alot for different things and people are ALWAYS lookin forward to it!!! Sis. Abbott, Bishop Abbott's WIFE...LOVES my chicken salad!!! She told me that MY CHICKEN SALAD sanwhich IS in fact BETTER THAN Cheesecake Factory's!!! AND...She has requested me to make it lot of times and She EVEN....DRUM ROLL...SHE EVEN...DRUM ROLL...SHE EVEN...DRUM ROLL...SHE EVEN ASKED ME FOR MY RECIPE!!!!!!!!!!! Do you know what an HONOR it was for SIS. ABBOTT, my role model, a meek and quiet spirit, the ultimate prayer warrior, reader of God's word, the most SUBMISSIVE, SPIRITUAL lady I know, a lady of legacy, who also happens to have amazing industrial skills AND to top it all off a really, really good cook, ASK ME,  wonderful, beautiful lil O ME...LOL....for MY RECIPE????? I WAS SOOOO HOnoRED!!!! :)))

WEEEELLLL what are you waitin for...go make your hubby some of this deliciousness...and if you don't have one...WEEEELLLL...maybe this will help you get one...I hasn't worked FOR ME YET...BUT...LOL...Maybe it will work for YOU!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! :))))

♥Mary Frances :)