Friday, August 12, 2011

The Pencil

I found this old poem I wrote in 2003 that I thought I would post for you all!!! I have NOT been able to find it anywhere in YEARS and I was kinda disapointed. But I was doing some studyin the other night and found it when I was totally not even lookin or expectin to find it!!!

Now you must all obviousley know that I LOVE writing, BUT I don't really claim to be a poet. Poetry is a totally different kind of writing art and I'm really not very good at and because I'm not very good at it I really don't enjoy it... HAHA!!! HOWEVER, I wrote this poem and is it ok if I say that I kind of like LOVE IT!!! LOL! Not so much for writing skill, BUT for the message!!! Enjoy, and feel free to edit and help me with makin the words flow better!!! :) Bro. Abbott ALWAYS used to edit my poetry for me...sooo since he isn't here feel free to help out!!! :)


I am a pencil,
A very special pencil,
Other pencils may look like me,
Except for one Small thing,

Their eraser's are black from wear,
My eraser is nice and clean,
I always keep myself looking good,
So that the pens will be impressed with me,

I live to be in the center,
So that all can admier me,
And when people come needing me,
I hide, praying I won't be seen,

My biggest fear is that,
Someone might sharpen me for use,
For the most important thing to me,
Is ME, ME, ME, ME, ME!

Perhaps you are wondering why,
 I keep rambling on and on,
I'm afraid I cannot tell you,
Since I have NOT been sharpened,
I really have NO POINT!!!

Don't be like this pencil,
Who just rambled on and on,
Learn to let God use you,
Or your life will have NO POINT!!!