Saturday, October 22, 2011

Apostolic Beauty!!! (October 2011)

 Attention! Attention! ATTENTION!!!!!!

The girl that I have chosen is someone that, although I don't get to hang out with her often, I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE, ADORE AND ADMIRE!!! When we are together, she is so much fun to be around, however what has really stood out to me is her godliness in her attitude, holiness in her dress, the way she prays at the alter and her worship in church. I have been thinking for some time now what an AWESOME person she is. I had thought, THAT GIRL is gonna be my NEXT Apostolic Beauty. What I didn't know was that when I began to enquier about her amongst her friends, youth and teachers, I would discover that she is EVEN more amaZing than I had EVEN realized!!!
They say that
 Weeeeeeeeeelllllllll BEAUTY and PERSONALITY...
THIS GIRL has got them BOTH!!!

I would like to present to you all, THE WONDERFUL, THE BEAUTIFUL, THE LOVELY...

 19-year-old Meghan, also known by her close friends as Megzzzz, resides in Glendale AZ and attends Valley Pentecostal Church, Pastored by Bro. Garrett. At her church she is involved in Sunday School, Choir, youth, outreach and a Bible quizzing coach to the kids. She is the middle child of five children and also an adoring aunt. They say that her family means EVERYTHING to her and aside from God, she loves them more than ANYTHING!!!  She is a Texan at heart, athletic, she is sweet, she is funny and loves to cook. She is ALWAYS cookin up something good!!! Her friends say that she loves pulling pranks and is good at them too. She likes sunflowers, John Deere and four-wheeling.


 They say that Meghan is loved by ALL!!!
Her WHOLE youth group LOVES her and she has NO ENEMIES!!!!
AND that says A LOT about her when you come from a church THAT SIZE!!!

She is very smart and graduated from Glendale Christian Academy in 2010...
She knows HOW to have FUN!!!!
Partaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! ;)
 ALSO she is a HARDWORKER!!! 
See that guys, she looks CUTE even with a mop in her hands!!! A girl that  has brains, knows how too cook AND clean...Oooo, ooooo.... OOOOOO.... its startin to feel like Christmas time for some of you single guys right now, Huh??? ;) 
When asked to describe her, one person simply said...
"Meghan is a DOLL!" 
Meghan is fun-loving. She is the type of girl who likes to tease; she can take on multiple personalities, but underneath will always stay the same Meghan. She will always give you a hug and tell you, "Love you!" when you part ways.She is someone the younger girls look to, and her peers can count on to help carry the burden for the service. She is good with words, an encourager an up-lifter, she is loyal and a "Class A" kind of friend!!!
 Best Friends Forever
 Speaking of friends, I was told that She is a good friend. Not in the platonic sense, but she will ALWAYS be your friend. She is very forgiving.  If you don't hang out for awhile she will still stay the same and "Love you" and give you hugs lol Even though she loves everybody, she sometimes stays in her own lil group (Ashley and Shelbie). One person even said, All you have to do is look at the friends she has (i.e. Shelbie Allison and Ashley Disbennet) to know she's an amazing person. (So kudos to Shelbie and Ashley, you single guys can check them out too!!! LOL!;)

 One thing that people have stated to me over and over is that Meghan has remained strong, kept her faith and joy in the midst of adversity going on around her. Someone said that no matter WHAT she's going through, she is still so happy, ALL THE TIME and you can tell its not fake!!! 
We felt like the above quote, is a total reflection of this girls life!!!
People also say,  She is the shoulder you cry on, not the other way around. She's never in the middle of gossip, but rather the one who cleans up the mess.  
She has such a burden for the lost.  
Someone said..."I love to hear her praying, it is so heartfelt."

According to Bro. Garrett, in his Apostolic Standards class at College Of Apostolic Ministries, 
 "It is the holiness of God that makes us beautiful. Christ in us is the beauty that  radiates to the entire world." He says, "There is something about a strong relationship with God that brings a radiant, ravishing beauty that will not be overlooked. 
Real Beauty comes from God."
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
She loves God and her life shows it plainly! :)
 Megan TRULY, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is your crown GIRRRRRL!!!  
Bright and sunshiney... JUST LIKE YOU!!! :) 
(Sorry google images is ALL i can afford for a'll get a MUCH BETTER on in heaven!;)

"Beauty gets attention, personality captures the heart!"
Weeeeeeelllll you better watch out guys, 
cuz, THIS GIRLS gonna get your attention 


♥Mary Frances :)