Thursday, October 27, 2011

FistBUMP moment!!!

Kim and I were hangin out the other night...AND...we were talking about some friends of ours...a guy and a girl....NO ONE try and start guessin WHO we're talkin ain't got NO idea...I have friends ALL OVER THE WORLD...different countries...different continents for that Kim is like askin me if they are still "talkin" or what...and I'm like duuuuuude...I have NO IDEA whats up with those one moment their on and the next minute their roller coaster relationship!!!
So Kim wants to know whats going on and I'm like...weeeellll.... he is NOW pretty much IGNORING her and I'm like its soooo dumB cuz its obvious that he STILL likes her and they are SOOOO perfect for each other. I mean HONESTLY, I couldn't everrrr seen ANYONE else goin for either of them...BUT...whatever!!! Sooooooooo Kim is like, WEEEELLLL WHY is he being like that then??? I'm like...I don't know....its DUMB!!! I guess he is just being a total REJECT!!!
Then at the TOTALLY SAME EXACT MOMENT...Kim and I just look at each other and say,
"No ACTUALLY, he is...
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! WE BOTH SAID THE EXACT WORDS  AT THE SAME EXACT TIME!!! It was a total fistBUMP moment and then we laughed for like ten minutes straight!!! BUT isn't that soooo true!!! Guys are NEVER interested unless they are hunting down, chasing a girl!!!!
...its like no matter HOW MUCH we like a guy, if we want to ACTUALLY get them, we have to TRICK them into believing that we're NOT interested...sooo that THE GUY...believes that HE IS actually acomplishing GETTIN, ACHEIVIN, WOOIN,  the girl...BUT really its US GIRLS are still in actuality, in control of the situation...ahahaha!!! you may be able to "Trickin" skills with guys are NOT too great thus far in my life!!! HAHAHA!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)

P.S. I have NO idea who the guy in the pic is...GOOGLE IMAGES...BUT he is very cute and he looks Apostolic!!! LOL!!!  If he is I hope he doesn't find my blog cuz that would just be awkward and he might think I'm a total stalker or something AND THEN I would lose any chances with him...cuz he would feel like he didn't have to HUNT me!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!