Saturday, October 8, 2011

Guess what EVERYONE!?!?!

My big brother and his wife and my adorable, little gwapo are going to...


 A part of me is soooooooo EXCITED!!! AND another part of me is like NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I can't hardly even bare the thought of NOT seein my lil gwapo all the time!!! But I know the Lord's work cannot be stopped...just sooo I can hug and squeeze and SQUEAL for joy with my lil gwapo!!! *sigh! I hope everyone realizes JUST HOW MUCH of a sacrifice this is for ME!!!!! :)

I mean, i'm really happy for them. This has been my brother's dream since graduating from highschool. He has been on many mission trips...thats how he met his wife!!!  He has been to the Philippine Islands 9 times!!! I mean do you know just HOW MUCH a plane ticket costs??? BUT I can also understand WHY he wants to keep going back!!!

The Filipino people are like THE NICEST people you will everrrr meat in your whole entire life!!! They pride themselves in being nice and friendly...I can't even explain them to you...they are just like soooo COOL!!! Seriousley, I always have said that I would NEVER go for a guy that was shorter than me...TILL I WENT TO THE PHILIPINES!!!

Anywayz, our church is sending them out, they will be traveling around to churches soon, gathering support, singing, preaching and sharing their testimony. My brother is like a REALLY, REALLY good preacher...for realz...LOL...I love  hearing him preach!!! ANd Jewel is an AMAZING SINGER!!! Like, OMW WOW!!! And of course Jose is just like the ADORABLEST THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! If you happen to see him in their travels, make sure you tell him that Auntie Maria loves him soooo much!!!
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And check them out HERE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)