Tuesday, January 24, 2012


OMW!!! I'm soooo HONORED!!! I was featured on Kendra Thaler's Hair blog for black Apostolic woman!!! CHECK ME OUT HERE!!!  .
Grab my buttons!
I really admire KENDRA because she is NOT ashamed of being who God made her to be...I am sooo proud of her and I think her husband Brendan, who is WHITE, is pretty awesome for being the one to encourage her to go Natural with her hair!!!
Kendra says "He loves natural hair more than me! haha. He loves to play in my curls and he's always trying to get me to pick out my fro and show the world. He couldn't be more proud and I couldn't be more happy!" Brendan, if you weren't already married, I would SOOOO make you Apostolic Male Model...just for loving a chocolate girl!!! WOOT! WOOT!!!
Contact Kendra :)
Kendra and her Vanilla Bean...
(Her words not mine...LOL!!!)
P.S. I can't wait till you guys have a lil OREO!!! ;) ;) ;)
If its a girl I SOOOO think it should be named after ME!!!
My Feature HERE!!!

♥Mary Frances :)