Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First TIME!!!

Sooooo we ALL know HOW IMPORTANT IT IS that we...
Weeeeellll I feel like I acomplished something pretty AMAZING at the beginning of this year...Bible reading!!! For the first time everrrr...in my whole entire life...I can HONESTLY say that I have NOW OFFICIALLY read my Bible ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!! From Genesis thru Revelations...
 NOT in one year...it took FOUR YEARS!!! HAHAHAHA!!! BUT who cares...
 I DID IT!!!
I remember all my life growing up Bishop Abbott would always tell us this story about a man that was brought to court for something like wanting to use the Bible as a text book in school. He felt like he needed to defend God's word and was willing to go to court over it.
Weeeeelll when he was in the court and sworn under oath to tell the truth...THE WHOLE TRUTH...and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH...The judge asked him, sir, you obviousley love this book, but let me ask you a question, have you EVERRR actually read this book from cover to cover? And the man who was a Christian, and had sworn to tell the TRUTH had to be honest and answer with a NO!!! The judge then said to the man, How can I take your side seriousley then, if you have NEVER even read the book you are trying to defend all the way through???
Oooooo MAN that story has ALWAYS stuck with me...and yeah...it took about 21 years to ACTUALLY take the story to heart and acomplish this BUUUUT it did work!!! When I was 24 years old I was like I HAVE GOT TO READ THE BIBLE ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!! AND so at some point that year I started and then at some point I was traveling SOMEWHERE and began to fall behind and before I knew it was soooo far behind I was like MAN, once again there is NO WAY I am going to be able to catch up and READ MY BIBLE THROUGH IN A YEAR!!!
Then I thought, you know what, who cares if I don't get it done in a year, I'm just gonna keep going from where I left off!!! AND thats what I have done!!! AND here I am, four years later, the beginning of 2012, at age 28, on the airplane from Honalulu to Manila...FINALLLLLY completely read my Bible ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!! I was sooooo HAPPPPPY!!! I told my mom and she started cheering for me right there on the plane!!!
This year my goal is to just get through the New tesament...basically I just read about three pages a day...I sit there with my pen and highlighter and anything I like I mark and stuff!!! If you don't think you can read the Bible through in a year then don't...THE MAIN THING is that you ACTUALLY READ GOD'S WORD and absorb it in your heart!!! If you have NEVER read your Bible all the way through...DO IT!!! It feels sooooo awesome to know that you have!!! Genesis to Revelations...
Woot!!! Woot!!!
♥Mary Frances :)