Thursday, February 2, 2012

You know the bathroom is BAD when...

Soooo we're at the airport in Bohol, heading back to Manila, the main island in the Philippines and we're just there chillin with my cousins waiting for our plane. Now you gotta understand that this is a LITTLE one building airport that is EXTREMELY crowded with people EVERYWHERE!!!
So my cousin Barbara was like, I'll be right back, I'm just gonna use the restroom. So she goes downstairs and is back upstairs again in like less than a minute!!! I was like WOW!!! That was really FAST!!! She was like weeeeellll there was No water! No Tp! and of course NO SEAT!!!! sooo I think i'm just gonna wait to go on the airplane...AHAHAHAHA!!!
I'm like okaaaaaay normally when your at an airport everyone is always like OH, let use the restroom BEFORE I get on the plane!!! AND we all try to AVOID as much as possilbe using airplane restrooms!!! Soooo thats when you KNOW a bathroom is BAD...
When you say...
"You know, I think I'll just wait till we get ON THE PLANE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)