Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Underneath the green grass...

This past week, while at A Mountain Apart Camp, I found this secluded, peaceful little spot underneath this beautiful weeping willow tree near the pond. It was soooo pretty and quiet I just liked to sit there sometimes and think and just contemplate on things. 
Weeeeelll the spot that I was sitting on the ground beneath the tree was really dry and barren of much grass. While I was sitting there, I looked out and saw this BEAUTIFUL, tall green grass just blowing gracefully and I thought that I might like to move over there and sit in it and enjoy its luciousness, but then I changed my mind and thought NO I like it where I am all just stay where I am, but the WHOLE time I kept looking out and noticing how pretty that grass over yonder was.

After a few minutes, someone on the little bride across the pond saw me and yelled out to me. So rather than have a conversation yelling across the pond to each other, I jumped up and started walking over to her. As I was walking around the pond I thought, OH, I'm going to walk through that beautiful, willowy, green grass, just so I can feel it against me.
 Well as I began walking through it, much to my dismay, I felt a wetness and as I continued to walk, my feet began to squish into mud! UGH...all over my ADORABLE flip flops...YUCK!!! And     I tried to get out but I kinda sunk a little and even started to slip before I got out of it.
Once I got out and I was walking over to talk to my friend I thought MAN, that grass looked sooooooo pretty but it SURE was a BIG HASSLE walking through it. Really, it was NOTHING but a buncha trouble. It had looked soooooooo pretty  and perfect from the surface, buuuuuuuut I had NO way of knowing what was underneath.
Meanwhile, my hard, dry little spot across the way seemed like it truely was the perfect little spot. Because, despite, its dullness and hard barren ground, it was safe. 
ANNNNND of course it got me to thinking about life. Sometimes in life, the ways that are right can seem sooooo boring and dull. You can look out and see something in the world that just seems like it is oh so beautiful and perfect and you want it. Maybe it goes against everything that you have been taught...but all you can see is the surface beauty of the matter, underneath there is MUCK but you can't see it because its covered by the beauty. 
The Bible says, "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." (Proverbs 16:25) You can't see what's underneath. You have NO IDEA the harm that the choice can bring you. Its a slippery, sinking path. Your gonna loose your footing and its going to bring you down.
I'm telling you, if any choice your considering to make, it doesn't matter HOW wonderful it may make you feel, IF it EVERRR goes against the word of God, it  is wrong! It is wrong! IT IS WRONG!!! Don't leave the safety of God's haven. No matter what you may be seeing out yonder, God's ways are ALWAYS right. God's ways are strong. His ways may not be glamorous and pretty but they are safe and secure. The ways of God will keep you. You can depend on God's way. God's way will NEVER fail you. 
You know what I did WHEN I was done talking to that friend?
I WENT BACK!!! I went back to my safe little haven beneath the beautiful willow tree. BUUUUUUUT...This time I WALKED AROUND the tall willowy grass and I thankfully and happily sat down on a dry, bland, rather UGLY ground...BUT it was secure and it was SAFE!!!
Don't leave God's way, BUUUUT if you have, If you've messed up, made a mistake, made a mess, you don't have to stay there stuck in the muck, JUST GO BACK. Go back to what is right. Go back to the safety of God. 
"Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure..."
(2 Timothy 2: 19)
"The name of the LORD is a strong tower: 
the righteous runneth into it, and is safe."
(Proverbs 18:10)

♥Mary Frances :)