Monday, July 30, 2012


I say WE as in, ME, MYSELF, AND I!!! (Like DUH!) AHAHAHA!!! Okaaaaaay soooo we inturrupt the SINGLE'S posts to talk about Cheescake Factory's NEWEST CHEESECAKE NAME!!! Buuuuuuuuut FIRST let me give you all a little HISTORY to understand this all...
Soooo FIRST OF ALL...if your a faithful follower of my blog, OR EVEN if your just with me for about FIVE MINUTES...LOL...It won't take you long to realize that I, MARY FRANCES GINTYSTALK LOVE BLACK PEOPLE!!!
Annnnnnd...of course I think there are handsome guys in EVERY ETHNICITY... buuuuut...maybe I just happen to think that chocolate men...HAVE THE MOST!!! :) Thats just can say or think whatever YOU WANT...AND trust me...I'll do exactley THE SAME!!! ;)
Soooo with all that being said, my lovely Mexican hermana Anali, randomley posts these pics on her blog of her doing this big professional speech at her college... with little bubble words at the top saying that she wants a taco...HAHAHAHA...THEN...she posts THIS PICTURE FOR ME!!!!

AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I was laughing soooo hard I couldn't even breath!!! I was like OMW!!! Soooo then I don't know WHAAAAAT came over me...buuuut I leave her this comment...
"I have a dream that one day, despite a racist father, admidst the sweltering heat of Arizona, ignoring the fact that that there are very few available, but STILL HOPING AND BELEIVING, that in spite of the circumstances, that a chocolate man and a vanilla woman will be able to walk down the aisle of an Apostolic sanctuary, joining hands, uniting themselves together in holy matriomony, becoming husband and wife and starting their own little oreo factory. OH YES, I have a dream today." (Mary Frances Ginty)
Sooooo then, I am soooo proud of my lil speech I email it to Kendra Thaler, from the Natural Hair Blog, annnnnnd I'm like heeeeey you and your husband need to be praying for me...cuz like, Kendra is chocolate woman,  married to a vanilla man...annnnd like, he is a preacher...annnnd they are BOTH prayer warriors...soooo you know....this could be some GOOOD prayin for my dream right?!??! LOLOLOL!!! (Oh ANNND btw...they have this AMAZIN testimony and are in the proceess of writing a book and you'll understand how good of a writer she is when you read her email...)Soooo KENDRA emails me back with THIS...
"Mary!!!!!! You are hilarious! You made my husband and I laugh hysterically LOL. Lord send her a chocolate, dark chocolate, raspberry chocolate man that's so dark and crisp he shines with a puple hue in the night time!! I have a dream that Mary will deliver a baby boy name Boom Shakalakah and a girl name Whoop There it is! Yes, Lord, yes indeed!!!"
When I read that, OMW I could NOT stop laughing!!! Soooooo like, me and Anali have been like HYSTERICAL about this email and speech for days now we've been joking about MY DREAM SPEECH and future children, Boom Shakalakah and Whoop There It IS!!! AHAHAHA!!! AND then Kendra emails me and is like, Oh I was just being, ETHNIC...which just made it EVEN FUNNIER!!! LOLOL So anyways...
TONIGHT my sis takes me to cheesecake factory to treat me for my birthday since its National Cheesecake Day and their slices are half off and WOULD YOU ALL BELIEVE what the name of their NEWEST CHEESECAKE IS???
Okaaaaaaaaay I'll tell you all...
Yes! Thats right...I said OREO DREAM!!! I was like SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! The OREO DREAM SPEECH was written only four days ago on the is ONLY THE 30th!!! My sister was like, OKaaaaaay, thats just CREEPY!!! I was like, Whateverrrr...

♥Mary Frances :)