Friday, October 12, 2012

Looking GOOD Self esteem tip! :)

Sooooo this past Tuesday evening when I went out with Jac, one of the cooks saw me and asked me if I was out on a special occasion or something cuz I had something in my hair and a flower on my sweater and ya know my hair was done! I personally did NOT think it was really fancy...So he was like what's going on? I was like, OH NOTHING...
I just like to look good!!!
He just laughed and was like, WELL there is NOTHING wrong with that!!! Nothing WRONG WITH THAT!!! LOLOLOL It was soooooo funnnnnny we were all laughing!!! Seriousley tho people, one of the best ways to feel good about yourself is to just LOOK GOOD!!!
There have been times where my brother's walk into the house and LOOK AT ME and are like, WHERE ARE YOU GOING??? I'm like NO WHERE!!! They're like, OK who's ALL THIS FOR as they kinda point out what i'm wearing...I'm just like ME!!! :))) Me annnnnnd GOD and ANYONE else that cares to see the sight of me looking GOOD!!! LOL!
Someone recently said, Man Mary! Your always getting compliments blah, blah, must be nice to be THE PRETTY ONE!!! I'm like NOOOOOO! Its soooooo NOT like that!!! I don't get compliments when I'm in a rush, roll outta bed, throw on whatever and run out the door lookin like WHITE TRASH!!! Trust me, I'm just an average looking girl...I just take a lil time everyday and FIX MYSELF UP!!!

I'm NOT talking about like dressing fancy-shmancy in heals and wearing like Sunday church outfits everyday! You can rock a jean skirt and still look waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cute if you make it into an outfit! Find a simple hair-do that is easy but cute, put something in your hair add a few accessories and you wouldn't believe JUST HOW MANY COMPLIMENTS you will get from non-church people!!! Looking GOOD can be a WITNESS to the people of the world!!!
I think sometimes us girls get into the habit of ONLY fixin ourselves up really nice if we know that a cute guy is going to around! BUUUUUUT we should be in the habit of fixin ourselves up all the time!!! IF you fix yourself up it will build your self esteem and the better you feel about yourself, the more attractive of a person you will be!!! Don't do it for a it for YOU and most importantly do it for GOD!!! After all...
we ARE representing HIM!!!
♥Mary Frances :)