Monday, November 26, 2012

A WHOLE dollar bill...

Soooo AFTER my first Singles week, the response, comments, feedback and emails that week was HIGHER than EVERRRR!!! I have NEVER gotten so many comments and people that were embarrassed to leave comments send me personal, emails, texts, phone calls or even people that just pulled me aside in person and told me, Look, I didn't want to say this so that everyone could hear or see, BUT, Thank you for writing for singles...I REALLY needed that! And almost every person would say, PLEASE WRITE MORE for singles! After all the requests last time around I was like Oooo I'll write a book for SINGLES and make some money from it too...I was all gung ho about it....buuuuut, a WRITER I am, a sales woman, editor, organizer and publisher I AM NOT!!! I kinda just get stuck in all the BUSINESS aspect of it all...buuuuut if any of ya all out there are GOOD at the business part of this...HOOK A SISTA UP!!! (Seriousley, i'll HIRE in ya know...we'll write up a contract and I'll PAY YOU...CASH...LOL) Soooo I decided to do just do what I do BEST...WRITE and I'll let God do the rest!!! :) Sooooo this is FOR ALL ya ALL that requested MORE for SINGLES!!! Hope its a blessing!!! :)
Sooooo...I was really tired, but I prayed before I went to sleep, God, if you really want me to write MORE for singles, anoint my mind. As I was drifting off into dreamland a thought went through my mind, “What’s the difference between $9.00 and $10.00?” Now I’m not very good at math but even in my sleepiness I figured it out, like, ummm… $1.00 or a dollar OR... A SINGLE dollar bill!!!
I was like okay God; I got it! Do you get it? It means that it takes one single bill to take it from nine to ten. The ten can’t be a bill without it. It means that as a single person YOU are needed! God can use one SINGLE person in his kingdom. You don’t have to be married to be used by God. You don't have to be married to BECOME something!!! You are needed right now, just as you are! Your not a quarter or a dime, you are ALREADY a COMPLETED BILL!!!
As a single individual, you are still a whole person. Your not a fraction, your not a quarter, your NOT incomplete, you are a whole. Life does not start when you get married. Life starts before you are even born. Life begins at conception!!! Your life starts when God breathed into you the breath of life.
Saying your first word is a PART of life!!! Learning how to walk is a PART of life!!!Going to school, is a PART of life! Each birthday is a PART of life! Every Vacation is a PART of life!!! Graduating from highschol is a PART of life!!! Getting your FIRST job is a PART of life!!! Learning how to ride a bike is a PART of life!!! Learning how to drive is a PART of life!!! A College Education is a PART of life!!! Each goal and each accomplishment that you acheive is a PART of life!!! Annnnnd its the same thing for MARRIAGE!!! Marriage is a PART of life that most of us desire to achieve, but its NOT life.
I think that sometimes we let the idea of marriage consume our minds so much that we forget that its NOT everything! We think that we're ONLY half of a person, our heart is only half a heart, just WAITING to find the other half of us...and THEN when we find the other half of our heart, THEN we will be a WHOLE person! Its sounds REALLY romantic when you think about it...awwwww it really does and despite the fact that I am a total HOPELESS romantic, I know that the idea of the other half of my heart floating around somewhere, just WAITING to find me, is NOT reality!
Even the Bible clarifys this!!! Mark 10:8 says, "And they two shall be one flesh: so then they are no more two, but one flesh." The Bible clearly states here that its TWO individual people that will come together and become one! Its NOT 1/2 +1/2=1, Its 2+2=1 God has HIS OWN math and I'm cool with that, i'm NOT EVEN gonna try and figure out His math, since I can't even figure out NORMAL math... HAHA...  and God's MATH says that TWO shall become one!!!
I feel good knowing that i'm NOT just a quarter or a dime!!! Buuuut right NOW, just as I am...
I am a total, COMPLETE single dollar bill!!!
I am whole!!! NOT because of my own strengths, talents or abilities!!! Not because of WHO I am or because of ANYTHING that I have done or accomplished, but because of my savior!!! I am WHOLE because of Him!!! JESUS COMPLETES me!!!
"And ye are complete in him,
which is the head of all principality and power:" (Colassians 2:10)
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♥Mary Frances :)