Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Snow trip!!!

Sooooooooo the SNOW TRIP!!! Weeeeellll...our day started out EARLY Saturday morning...welllll I guess technically it started at like 2 am the night before, we got lost on the way home from the youth rally...AGAIN...I think we're gonna just make that a Youth rally tradition!!! LOL Soooooo finally after droppin all the other girls off, we get to the house and Monae and Aurora were gonna spend the night with me so I wouldn't have to go get them again in the morning...since they ALL live in OPPOSITE directions of me annnnnnd each other!!!
Soooooooo we walk in the house and Monae is like, Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay girrrrrl, Where's the COFFEE?!?! I'm like WHAT?!?! She is like, You said you were gonna make me coffee!!! Where's the coffee?!?!!? ! I'm like, yeah, IN THE MORNING!!! Its like 2am right now there is NOOOOOOO WAY I'm giving you coffee at this hour!!! GET TO BED!!!  LOLOLOL  But I DID make the coffee in the mornin along with Pillsbury cinabuns!!! 
(Me and Monae)
Sooooo we all met our church and began the three hour trek to Williams...some fell asleep buuuuut even after only four hours of sleep I couldn't fall asleep...Sooooo I tried reading my Bible buuuuut it was sooooooooo LOUD and there were sooooo many distractions I could only get two pages read...AND THATS IN THREE HOURS...LOL!!! 
(Me and of my Sis-in-laws)
Soooooooooo when we FIRST got to the snow, and I stepped in it and sunk down I was like OMW...I HATE THIS STUFF!!! Buuuuuuuut then I started sledding down these like HUGE hills and I was suuuuuuuch a BLAST!!! OMW!!!! I didn't get any pics on my camera tho cuz like...I'm NOT that talented that I would be able to do self-portraits while sledding down!!! HAHA!!!
Aurora sledding down...Okaaaaaaaaaay sooooooo it was such a blast sliding down these huge hills!!!! I like biffed BIG TIME!!! I went flying through the air and was rolling...LAUGHING annnnnnnnnnnd SCREAMING the WHOLE TIME!!! I was the one that EVERY time I slid down I was screaming and praying, JESUS!!! OH JESUS SAVE ME!!! Everyone on the hill would laugh every time I went by!!! All these random men would come over and help me every time I got stuck or biffed...I think they thought I was funny cuz I kept going back for MORE...had a lot of black and blues when I got home tho!!! (Bro. Sam and Sis. Janelle have some so i'll let you all know when they post and update on the youth blog!!)

Soooooooooo now i'm wonderin if there is ANY possiblility that I could learn how to SKI??? Someone said its pretty easy...buuuuut IDK...i'm pretty CLUTZY!!! LOL
Then we all had a HUGE snow ball fight...buuuuuuuuuuut...I did NOT participate in that cuz I had a really bad experiance with snowballs as a child that ended with me not being able to open one of my eyes for like 30 minutes and blood gushin out of my nose...SNOWBALLS CAN HURT MAN!!! 
Monae was cRaZy...she was RUNNING around in the SNOW in just her SOCKS!!! That is INSANE!!! Seriousley...I cant even take the cold of snow in regular shoes....OMW!!! LOLOL!!!
 Stultz in his snow get-up!!!

Me and MJ...she kept telling me that her hands were soooooo cold...I told her to just put them on ME...they would warm up REALLY QUICK!!! ;) AHAHAHA!!! She was like, Okaaaaaaaaaay REALLY MARY??? REALLY??? (I was actually freezin so Idk if it woulda helped much!!! LOL!)
The Ginty Girls!!! 

I wanted to be a SNOW PRINCESS!!! 
The van ride home...if YOU could sleep...I must say...YOU WERE TALENTED!!! LOLOLOL!!!
NOW I wanna go back...if anyone else is going TAKE ME!!! :)
I think this LAST picture basically sums up the WHOLE entire trip...
cRaZy! HYPER!!! LOUD!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)